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 Troubleshooting Common Samsung Phone Issues: A Comprehensive Guide



Nowadays phones have become basic need of every individual. Just like our basic need of food and friends. Samsung Smartphones are also becoming the next most require gadget. Earlier the use of phone was only to connect with our loved once over the call and messages. But now the phone has become solution for everything. It has become the main source of entertainment. But with this source – comes the issue also. Since Samsung phone are so affordable, they cover a huge user market.  Samsung android phone have flooded the market. But as the phone get old it is likely to show some issues with usage. Let’s dive deep into the issues that you might face on your Samsung Phone. If you’re in Las Vegas and require the best Samsung phone repair, it’s important to find reliable services.

1. Physical Damage to the screen: this is the most common issue that any user could face. Slipping out the phone from hand or pocket is so easy. These small devices are so smooth and slippers due to their fancy body.  Since display covers quite bigger area so getting physical damages to the screen is also very easy. However, using a good quality tempered glasses can protect the screen from getting cracks easily and can really improve display life of your Samsung phone. Screen is already cracked when you come across this post, hope the phone is under the warranty, then we advise to visit authorized Samsung store. If the Samsung device is already out of warranty you can find a good Samsung phone repair in Las Vegas.

2. Blank screen or Black screen issue: this issue is mainly seen when the phone faces any software crash or there might some glitches in the software which may occur in your device time to time. When this issue arises, the screen stops responding and turns out completely black. It is suggested that doing force restart can fix this issue. Please follow these easy steps to force start. Long press the Power button together with volume down button for 10 seconds. This will initiate the force start on your device. This step is for all the devices in which the battery is not removable. Whereas on the devices with detachable lithium battery, keep the battery removed for 10 seconds and then put it back. If still the phone screen does not respond, then we advise you to get your phone diagnosed to Samsung phone repair center. 

3. Phone Overheating: There is time when phone shows the sign of overheating. Generally, this issue is observed when phone is performing intense or complicated tasks. These tasks require lots of battery and performs some heavy-duty functions like gaming, camera usage in video making and editing using too many apps or while calling. Using compatible cable is can also result in phone overheating. Because either they over charge the phone, or they are too slow in charging the device. it is advisable to use the original Samsung cables that comes with your device. Cleaning the dirt and debris from charging port may be helpful. if still the phone is overheating there might be a reason these some internation parts are not functioning properly. on facing such issue, please visit the service center to get you phone repaired. 

4. Camera issues: Camera is most used feature in any smartphone devices nowadays. May it be clicking selfies or making a video of your newborn talent or connecting with our loved once over the video call. Even while making the payments, we need the camera to scan the QR code. So, in such cases when the camera is not functioning properly might be very annoying. If the phone is exposed to the moisture, there might be moisture stains on your camera Lense. When such issue arises, it is suggested to visit a technical support center. they will clean the leans of the phone and can also diagnose why the cameras are not functioning properly. 

5. Failure Mic / Mic issue: You might have faced instances when you called some, but they cannot hear your voice even when the network and Wi-Fi are perfectly in range. The reason might be that the mic is not working properly. We suggest brushing your phone’s mics using dry toothbrush. In case there are chance that any particle or dust has obstruct the microphone’s passage. If the mic still does not work after this cleaning process. There might be chance that mic need little repairing. It is time to take your phone to Samsung service center if your phone is under warrantee. if not, that please visit a trusted repair service center. 

6. Phone’s hanging issue: Samsung phone starts hanging when the storage device is full. Since the storage space is full, the system cannot find the space to save files and hence it shows problem in the phone’s functioning. However, we suggest clearing the cache files time to time and also delete unwanted pictures, videos and apps that are using the valuable space of your Samsung device. If still phone is not working, then there might be chance that phone has a software issue. Try to reset the phone again. Incase these solutions don’t workout you can take your for a diagnosis at trusted service center.

7. Swollen Battery: Nowadays the Samsung phone comes with in-built phone batteries. But in old Samsung phone there are detachable batteries. These batteries are made of lithium ions. With usage these batteries overreact on charging. This charging effect can result in swelling the battery. We advise to not to use the swollen batteries in your Samsung devices as this can hamper the phone. visiting the good service center which can check the health of your phone is recommended.  

8. Figure impression /touch impression not working: We have observed that some time the phone does not get unlock from the finger impression as it used to get unlock earlier. You must be wondering what the reason could be. If the touch sensor is greasy then also the figure impression might not work easily. Cleaning the touch sensor with a damp cloth might be helpful. Please also check if there is any cut on the finger might also cause issue in unlocking the phone. We suggest adding another thumb or finger impression if you have cut or wound in the primary finger/ thumb. After all these solutions, if still the tough sensor dose not works then there may be a chance that touch sensor is damaged and getting repaired in the next best option. 

9. Water damage: this is the most common issue that Samsung phone users come across. Spilled water on your phone or mistakenly dropped phone in pool or Phone draining in the rain. There could be any reason for having moisture in your Samsung phone. It likely that once the moisture enters in the gadget the device will start acting weird or may not even start. when you notice that your phone came in contact with your phone immediately turn off your smartphone. if the battery is removable then remove it. if not then try to user hair dryer to evaporate the moisture. if you do not have the drying equipment then leave the phone under sunlight for some time. do not overexpose the phone. Once the phone is completely dry then try turning on the phone.  hope the phone runs smoothly. in case the phone is still not responding the please take your for technical diagnosis. 

nevertheless, taking good care of your Samsung phone is benefiting you in longer run. Using authentic accessories, qualitative tempered glasses to protect the display of your phone, using phone’s case and keeping phone in cleans and tidy state is your responsibility. hoping the above highlighted issues will help in providing a solution.

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