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7 Instagram ideas for posts that can liven up your account

Instagram ideas Studies show that major brands post on Instagram about four times a week, while retail brands post around 5.5 times a week.



Instagram ideas

Studies show that major brands post on Instagram about four times a week, while retail brands post around 5.5 times a week. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with about one billion active users monthly. Although Instagram has fewer users than Facebook’s 2.8 billion, it has higher engagement rates. Instagram’s engagement rate is about 1.16%, compared to Facebook’s 0.27%. 

You have many responsibilities as a business owner, content creator, or entrepreneur. Alongside running your business, maintaining a strong online presence is crucial. A successful launch relies on generating buzz and anticipation for your product or service before it hits the market.

With its vast user base, Instagram is the ideal platform to build excitement. In this blog, we’ll explore some creative pre-launch Instagram post ideas to help you generate anticipation for your big launch.

List of 7 Best Instagram Post Ideas

Here are the 7 best Instagram post ideas to keep your feed fresh and engaging, helping you boost engagement and attract more followers. Whether promoting your brand or sharing valuable content, these ideas will make an impact. Plus, with the right strategy, you can buy real instagram likes to amplify your reach and visibility.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

 Instagram ideas

People connect with authenticity.  User-generated content (UGC) spotlight your audience, fostering a sense of community and trust.

Create a unique hashtag for your content or niche. Use hashtags to encourage followers to share photos or videos that embody your brand theme. Offer an enticing prize for the most creative or engaging entry.

Showcase cheerful customer experiences through compelling visuals and quotes. This builds social proof and demonstrates the value you offer.

Share photos or videos your followers have posted that feature your products or services. Always credit the main creator and ask for permission before reposting.

Respond to comments and messages on UGC posts to show appreciation and nurture relationships with your audience.


Behind-the-scenes content provides a glimpse into your brand’s personality and the people who make it tick.

Whether you’re a painter, musician, or entrepreneur, share snippets of your creative journey. This fosters connection and allows people to see the dedication and passion behind your work.

Put faces to the names! Feature your team members, highlighting their roles and personalities. This humanizes your content and builds trust with your audience.

Teasing new products, services, or collaborations in the pipeline generates excitement. This keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Utilize Instagram Stories for behind-the-scenes content that disappears after 24 hours. This fosters a sense of urgency and encourages viewers to tune in before it’s gone.

Interactive Polls and Quizzes

Polls and quizzes boost engagement and provide valuable insights into your audience’s preferences. Let your followers consider product ideas, color options, or new features. This valuable feedback helps you tailor your offerings to their desires.

Create personality quizzes or trivia related to your brand niche. These are a fun way to educate and entertain your audience while learning more about their interests.

Schedule live sessions where you answer questions directly from your followers. This fosters a sense of connection and allows you to address their concerns in real time.

Keep the polls and quizzes relevant to your brand and target audience for maximum impact.

Video Content

Video content, in its various formats, captures attention and ignites engagement. Reels are short-form videos (like up to 90 seconds) similar to TikToks. Use creative transitions, trending audio, and catchy visuals to capture attention and go viral.

For longer-form content (up to 1 hour), utilize IGTV. This platform lets you explore topics, create documentaries, or host interviews.

Live video sessions offer a unique real-time opportunity to connect with your audience. Host live product demonstrations, answer questions, or conduct interviews to promote a sense of connection and community. Experiment with different video editing tools and techniques to add polish and more professionalism to your content.

Shoppable product posts

Product posts can brighten your feed and drive customers to your business—a win-win!

Get followers excited by showcasing your products in the best light. Make posts enjoyable by telling a story, using props, and showing the product in action. Avoid making it look like an ad; show the product naturally. A Facebook survey got that 54% of people purchased after seeing a product on Instagram.

Turn your perfect product image into a shoppable post by tagging items from your Instagram Shop. Customers can click the product tag, view details and pricing, and buy at your website.


Giveaways are a great way to get your brand in front of new users and engage your current followers. Instagram giveaway posts get 3.5 times more likes than regular posts.

For businesses of all sizes, giveaways showcase your products to potential shoppers and encourage interaction. This increased engagement can boost your post’s visibility through Instagram’s algorithm.

Write “GIVEAWAY” at the top of your Instagram caption. Offer an exciting prize, like free products, a visit to your HQ, or a meet-and-greet with an influencer.

Explain how followers can enter the giveaway. Should they tag a friend, like the post, or share it on their Instagram Story?

Clearly state how winners will be chosen and provide terms and conditions that comply with Instagram’s promotional guidelines.

Collaborating with other firms can extend your reach, introduce you to more potential customers, and pave the way for future partnerships.

Carousels Posts

Carousel posts featuring multiple images or videos that swipe through allow you to tell a captivating story or showcase a product in detail. Use a carousel to showcase a step-by-step process, like a recipe or DIY project. This is a visually engaging way to educate your audience.

Carousel posts are perfect for showcasing different aspects of a product. Use high-quality visuals to demonstrate features, benefits, and potential uses. Craft a narrative through a series of images and captions. This is a powerful way to connect with your audience emotionally. Utilize clear and concise captions for each image or video in the carousel to guide the viewer through the narrative.


Creating fresh Instagram post ideas can be challenging with the shifting Instagram algorithm. We hope these 7 post ideas inspired your brand. Between Stories, posts, and IGTV, Instagram offers a variety of content types. Don’t get stuck with just one format because it’s familiar.

If you need more ideas, follow some of our recommended Instagram accounts. Trends in one industry could inspire the next big thing in your field. Keep experimenting and exploring to keep your content engaging and diverse.

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