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Top 7 Tips to Optimize SEO for E-commerce Websites



Did you know that 59% of customers use Google to know more about the products they want to purchase? Imagine the high-quality traffic and increase in revenue you can get if your brand’s name comes on the top of the list. Interesting, right? Here’s when E-commerce SEO comes into play. In order to sell products with a broad target audience, you need to have an SEO-optimized website. For that, choosing the best SEO company in India is an excellent idea. 

7 tips to improve SEO for your E-commerce website

The higher your brand ranks in the search engine, the better your chances of getting discovered by potential customers. It also enhances reputation and credibility in the market. Opting for seo for an ecommerce website is indeed an excellent decision. 

Here is the ultimate e-commerce seo checklist

  1. Identify and use effective keywords

Using the best Ecommerce SEO tools will help you identify and choose the right keywords for your website. For starters, you can choose keywords that are connected with what the brand offers. For that, you can use Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, etc. For more effective results, choose keywords that are more specific and convey buyer intent. However, it is also advisable to choose long-term keywords as they generally have high traffic volume but low competition. 

  1. Make the website user-friendly

With the Best SEO expert in India to help you, making the website user-friendly is easy and hassle-free. Firstly, it is important to make the website visually appealing. That will attract the customers. After that, the site structure and navigation must be easy to understand. If the customers know how to search and find things easily, they will not be tempted to leave. Also, ensure ads or other pop-ups don’t interfere often with the user’s journey on the website. 

  1. Optimize the product pages

Optimizing product pages is one the most important SEO elements for E-commerce websites. If these pages are not optimized properly, customers will not be interested in looking at or buying the products or services. Adding high-quality product images and videos can make the information more engaging. Apart from that, you need to include keywords in the descriptions. Also, add CTAs to entice users to take an action. To know more, opt for the best SEO Company in India.

  1. Do not overlook the Technical SEO

Even if your website looks attractive, customers will still leave if it performs poorly. For example, the speed of the website can have a massive impact on bounce rates. If the website is too slow, you need to find the reason and resolve it immediately. You also need to add a sitemap, ensure the site has an SSL certificate, etc. Optimizing the technical seo for ecommerce websites will impact the traffic and revenue positively. 

  1. Be aware of duplicate content

The same content appearing on multiple pages all over the website is a big no-no. That makes searching and indexing extremely confusing for Google. As a result, it interferes with the ranking in the SERPs. That is why experts are always recommending the immediate removal of duplicate content from the website. It is vital to write unique descriptions for the products/services. Opt for the best SEO Company in India for effective results!

  1. Don’t forget alt texts for images

Do you know that search engine bots cannot actually see the images you use in the websites? Yes! That is why using alt texts to describe the images is extremely vital. It is basically the caption that must contain the keyword and description of the image as accurately as possible. However, if it’s impossible to use the target keyword, you can skip it. This will definitely help the seo for ecommerce websites improve significantly.

  1. Focus on link building

Without a doubt, link building is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. High-quality links equate to high credibility for search engines. That will automatically impact your SERP ranking. There are various ways to create high-quality links. For example, you can opt for guest posting, image submission, creating and sharing infographics, social media sharing, etc. If you are interested in developing an excellent link-building strategy, get in touch with the top-rated SEO Company in India.

Cybez: Your pathway for E-commerce SEO success

Are you eager to start seo for an ecommerce website? If you haven’t, you must start it right away! That’s a major advantage you are willingly handing over to your competitors. Cybez, known as the Best SEO company in India, offers exceptional E-commerce SEO services. 

The professional team of highly skilled experts understands the needs of the client and curates customized SEO strategies. Extensive research, prompt implementation, and constant feedback & communication with the clients are maintained. If you are ready to improve your E-commerce website, check out Cybez!

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