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Top 5 Most Expensive AWP Skins




The AWP is easily one of the best and most popular CS2 sniper rifles in the game. This powerful sniper rifle is capable of taking out a fully armored enemy with a single shot from across the map, and a skilled AWPer is a great addition to any team in CS2. The AWP also carries a risk, however, and a missed shot leaves you exposed and signals to everyone on the map where you are. Because of this, many gamers love the AWP for the big plays you can make with this weapon, and it’s a common sight at all CS2 ranks in the game.

Because the weapon is so popular, the game features many awesome and expensive AWP skin choices. In fact, some expensive AWP skins are worth thousands of dollars, and a Factory New version of a rare AWP skin can cost a small fortune.

Want to learn more? You came to the right place! Here is our top list for the most expensive AWP skins in the game!

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1. AWP | Dragon Lore

The AWP Dragon Lore is one of the best AWP skins in the game and one of the most expensive skins in Counter-Strike 2 in general! In fact, Factory New version souvenir skins with this finish are highly coveted by collectors, and the most expensive CS2 inventories often measure their worth in the number of Dragon Lores owned. Featuring a luxurious firebreathing dragon on an ivory-white background, Dragon Lore is the most expensive AWP skin and is a great choice if you really want to show off in-game. A Factory New condition Dragon Lore is one of the most expensive AWP skin choices you can take in CS2, and is the perfect example of a rare AWP skin that you can use to really show other gamers the prestige of your expensive CS2 skin collection.

  • Flavor text: 200 keys could never unlock its secrets
  • Lowest Steam price: $3,895
  • Available in collection: The Cobblestone Collection
  • First added: 1 July 2014

2. AWP | Fade

Fade skins are extremely rare and often in short supply. The pattern type is mostly known for its rare and original design of knife skins, with skins like the Butterfly Knife Fade, often worth thousands of dollars. Fade weapon skins feature an iconic look, giving each weapon skin a metallic look, combining various hues of purple and orange to create a warm look, that looks great in the game, especially after the Counter-Strike 2 upgrade. If your CS2 inventory features a Fade knife, or other skins from the family, like the Glock-18 Fade, the AWP Fade is a must-have, that will be an awesome centerpiece of any CS 2 expensive AWP skin collection!

  • Flavor text: This isn’t just a weapon, it’s a conversation piece – Imogen, Arms Dealer In Training
  • Lowest Steam price: $1,454.25
  • Available in collection: The Control Collection
  • First added: 3 December 2020

3. AWP | Gungnir

The Norse collection introduced several awesome Viking-themed skins to the game. The most expensive skin in the collection is the AWP Gungnir, a beautiful blue AWP skin inspired by Odin’s spear from Norse mythology. This weapon skin features beautiful ornate details on the gun’s body, with a solid ivory-blue base. A Factory New version of the AWP Gungnir skin is a dream of any AWPer in CS2. It’s a perfect blend of style and a badass look, that screams danger to anyone who lays their eyes on it. If you want an AWP Gungnir of your own, be prepared for some big spending. AWP Gungir is one of the most expensive AWP skins in the game, and this will not likely change in the future.

  • Flavor text: A weapon for the Allfather
  • Lowest Steam price: $10,400
  • Available in collection: The Norse Collection
  • First added: 19 November 2019

4. AWP | Medusa

The Gods and Monsters collection added a number of weapons to the game, themed around mythical creatures. While they all look great in their own ways, none of them come close to the awesome and classic look of the AWP Medusa, one of the best CS 2 AWP skins available in the game. The darker blue gun body features a beautiful and highly detailed graphic design of the mythical Medusa. Although initially available in large numbers, AWP Medusa currently commands a very high price on the skins market, and the demand will most likely only increase the price of the skin.

  • Flavor text: If you can see me, you’re already dead
  • Lowest Steam price: $1,949
  • Available in collection: The Gods and Monsters Collection
  • First added: 26 May 2015

5. AWP | The Prince

If you’re looking for a regal skin for your loadout that will let you show off your style and class, The Prince is a real gem, and its price reflects that. Introduced as a part of the Canals collection, this AWP skin features a look that makes it look like a piece of royal regalia. With a bible quotation included on the side of the gun, it’s also one of the most expensive AWP skins in the game. If you can afford this purchase, it will be one of the best AWP skins you can get for a silver CS2 loadout today! AWP The Prince will make you feel like you’re holding some legendary royal regalia in your arms and will definitely add style to every AWP kill you make with this gun!

  • Flavor text: Peace be with thee
  • Lowest Steam price: $2,251.58
  • Available in collection: The Canals Collection
  • First added: 19 November 2019

In Conclusion

AWP skins are some of the most expensive in CS2, mainly thanks to the popularity of this gun. Like many other popular weapons in the game, items for this popular gun can cost a hefty sum. However, if you pay enough attention to what’s happening in the market, you should easily be able to score some of the most expensive AWP skins for the best prices.

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