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5 Tips To Find The Best And Long-Lasting Perfume For Your Personal Preference





The spritz of an ambrosial scent makes you smell fresh and fabulous all day. Furthermore, the fruity, flowery, or musky notes (or an amalgamation of all) wrap you in all their glory, elevating your spirit exponentially. Since a fragrance wields immense power over how others perceive you, selecting one demands undivided attention. To help you in this conquest, we are helping you with five crucial tips for finding a signature scent for your vanity. This fool-proof checklist will narrow down your options from the avalanche of formulations in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll ahead.

  1. Pick The Scent Family: To pick your best perfumes, you must have an unerring knowledge of the different fragrance families. For the uninitiated, the universal fragrance wheel houses four families – fruity, floral, woody, and oriental.
  1. Pick A Concentration: Broadly, there are two categories of fragrance concentration available in the market – EDP and EDT. Eau De Toilette or EDT is lighter, boasting a fragrance oil concentration of 5–15%. On the other hand, Eau De Parfum or EDP carries an oil concentration of 10–20% – one spritz can last for 8 hours, no less. If you want to eliminate the need for reapplying your fragrance formula, invest in an EDP variant STAT.
  1. Research Your Perfume: If you are new to the realm of perfumes, we recommend reading up on the distinct notes that craft a fragrance. For the unversed, a perfume carries three notes – top, heart, and base. The top note is responsible for the first impression of the overall olfactory experience weaved by your perfume. Needless to say, it is also swift to evaporate. Next, the heart or middle note forms the essence of your formula, making up to 60% of the fragrance. The heart note fades away to give you the parting whiff of the base note(s) – usually musky or woody.
  1. Try The Formulation In Person: A fragrance melds with your skin’s pheromones to craft a distinct olfactory experience. This is why you should never splurge on a formula just because a friend or family member recommended it. Always sample the fragrance in person, to determine whether you’re ready to commit. If you have skin sensitivities, rule out options that lead to inexplicable flare-ups.
  1. An Extension Of Your Personality: Picking a scent for a special occasion or everyday wear is an intimate experience. As discussed earlier, a signature scent serves as an extension of your energy or personality. Invest in a flacon that helps you be the truest, most authentic version of yourself.

5 Tips For Long-Lasting Freshness

Once you have picked a signature scent that sparks limitless joy, follow these steps to add to this fragrance’s longevity.

  1. Apply After Showering: Turn to your choicest fragrance bottle right after showering. Water opens up the pores on your skin, ensuring better absorption or infusion of any beauty formula – and perfume is no exception to this rule.
  1. Moisturise First: According to beauty experts, moisturised skin holds scents longer. So, ensure to slather a generous amount of your moisture before spritzing. If you are a fan of layering, pick a satiating moisturiser with a complementary fragrance for the best results.
  2. Never Rub The Perfume: Never dab and rub the perfume formula onto your wrists. Contrary to popular belief, this grave oversight doesn’t ensure the longevity of your scent. Instead, it hampers the bonds of the concoct, expediting the evaporation process of your signature best perfumes. The secret to smelling great all day? Spritz and let it ride raw.
  3. Spritz Your Hair: To craft a holistic olfactory experience, apply a little perfume to your hair. You can dab the formula onto your palm and run it through the length of your hair or spritz down your hair brush and proceed to comb those tresses.
  1. Put It On Pulse Points: To ensure that your perfume lasts longer, remember to spray the pulse points like the nape of your neck, the back of your ears and the knees. For the uninitiated, pulse points bear a slightly higher temperature (compared to the rest of your body). They absorb your perfume and emit it consistently for the rest of the day.

The trick to smelling expensive and fresh all day is an infallible technique. Always spray the formula onto your bare skin (never the clothing folks). This little move allows the fragrance to react with your skin’s pheromones to generate an odour unique to you. Furthermore, if your perfume sits in a bottle with a nozzle atop – keep it a distance of 5 to 8 inches from the body and spray. To add to your scent’s consistency and longevity, might we suggest layering? This process involves melding two or more complementary notes to pack a delectable fragrance experience that accentuates your mood. The best part? You needn’t worry about spending too much of your luxe formula on a single wear. Now that’s a win-win.


To pick the perfect fragrance for your personality, you ought to have an unerring understanding of the different fragrance families. For beauty readers new to the concept, the universal wheel of fragrance carries 4 subcategories – floral, fruity, woody, and oriental. Once you have zeroed in on the family, determine the concentration of the contender scents. EDP or Eau De Parfum boasts a fragrance oil concentration of 15–20% and lasts for 8 hours straight. On the other hand, EDT or Eau De Toilette features an oil concentration of 5–15%, dispelling within 4 to 6 hours. Before parting ways with your money, try the fragrance in person to determine how the molecules react to your skin’s pheromones. If you witness episodes of inflammation or redness, steer clear of the option.

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