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Mobile App Translation for Health & Fitness Application

Mobile App Currently, people face the dilemma of having too much to eat and too little to do.



Mobile App

Currently, people face the dilemma of having too much to eat and too little to do. Yes, it is ironic that some people in the world are starving, while others are overeating. Regardless of the irony, both conditions are harmful to your health. However, one good news is that people are very keen to improve their health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an influx of fitness and health applications. Most app developers raked in big profits, thanks to global marketing through mobile app translation services. If, for instance, your application is well-made and has potential. Then employing localized translation will allow you to target more people. 

People often hire localization services to tap into large markets such as China, India, and more. Furthermore, if your application is localized for English, Mandarin, Hindi, and Spanish. You have more than half the global population under your target audience. There are also various ways you can translate your content and software. AI translation tools are getting better and better for common language pairs, such as Mandarin and English. But personally, I would recommend getting your fitness application localized through professionals. Because the intent has to be clear and AI currently does not do a good job of doing so. 

Key Considerations of Translation of a Health and Fitness App

Like any business, it is first important to do your research and define the best strategy for you. You do not want to spend on something that won’t reap you the benefits you deserve. Let’s do a narrow breakdown and get as much information in as possible.

Find the Right Strategy

Before you hire a software localization company, you should figure out what you want done from them. First, it is important to look at stats and find gaps in regions. Once you establish where you can fill gaps, look at the trends to see if it’s worth it. Moreover, study your competition and see if you can offer something they can not. Remember, even in a saturated market, you can win people over by offering services others lack in. For instance, you may offer a free personal trainer trial or a rewarding referral program. 

Hire Professionals

You need to identify the work that needs to be put into the translations. Is it just the software? Or is the website, instructions, marketing materials, and more in need of translations? You can avail of mobile app translation services and use AI translator tools altogether. For instance, you can save costs by translating common content through AI translation apps and leaving the more complicated or sensitive content to professional service providers. Moreover, you can also employ in-house sources. However, a constant change in the in-house resource may cause problems with engagement and establishing a brand voice. 

Marketing Tactics 

Employing mobile app translation services will only get you so far. You need to have a solid marketing strategy to make your health and fitness application a success. For instance, you can partner with local fitness influencers or take part in local fairs that promote businesses. You must decide what channels are best to market your application. It can be university sports day advertising or even partnering with the local government to combat obesity. The options are limitless, and your strategy can define your success. 

Localized Units and Formats

Many fitness applications are translated, but only in terms of language. You simply cannot ignore currency formats, weight units, dates, payment options, and more. If a country is accustomed to taking weight in kilograms, then they would not understand pounds. People want to pay in their own currency, not in dollars, for instance. Many people will simply not use your application because it makes them uncomfortable. Hence employing a software localization company keeps you at ease. Because such changes are a part of localization. 

QA Testing

Before you release your product into the market. It is important that you test your application. Of course, this means every aspect, including the localization and translations. The best method of testing translation effectiveness is by letting people from your target audience use your application. Based on their collective feedback, you must make changes. The bigger your testing pool, the better, as ideally you will want all aspects catered to before launch. This can be achieved through the Play Store. I myself have beta-tested many applications with early access. There is usually a reward for such users. You can, for instance, give them a couple of months of free premium service. 

Final Thoughts

Fitness and health applications will always be popular. You can find some very niche fitness applications in the market. Some only keep track of your pushups or pullups, for instance. There are countless Yoga applications, and now AI integration is also a thing. Fitness bands, watches, and fitness trackers are all compatible with various fitness applications. Translating and localizing your applications is necessary for better reach

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