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Always Choose the Best Inverter Air Conditioner



At the beginning of every summer season, people rush to buy air conditioners from a retail showroom or an ecommerce store. They have their preferences for the brand and models. Some choose the conventional Window or the modern Split air conditioner, while others plan to buy the latest inverter air conditioner. However, the market is flooded with many different models, and an ordinary person often needs clarification about which air conditioner to choose. They need a more expensive 5-star split AC or a standard window air conditioner.

Wide Choice for customers

The air conditioner market in India is vast, with more than twenty top brands offering different types of models with capacities ranging from 0.75 tons to 5 tons. They are also available with various power ratings, from 2-star to 5-star. There are also local brands available in the market with very competitive prices. Besides the regular retail showrooms, ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, And Snapdeal offer attractive discounts to buyers.

New technology has revolutionised the air conditioner market in the last few years. Manufacturers compete to launch the latest models at the beginning of the season. It was not long ago when the inverter air conditioner was a rage because it offered something new to consumers. The latest to join is dual inverter AC, which might change how people buy air conditioners. We all know about an inverter air conditioner, but what is a dual inverter AC, and what are its benefits? Let’s try to find out.

What is Dual Inverter AC?

Dual Inverter AC is one step ahead of conventional Inverter AC with a twin rotary compressor compared to regular inverter AC. Therefore, a dual inverter AC will ensure more consistent cooling with less noise and reduced electricity consumption because of more variation in tonnage. Moreover, the twin rotary compression will also provide faster cooling than other air conditioners.

Benefits of a Dual Inverter Air Conditioner

In a dual inverter air conditioner, the rotor operates at variable speeds depending on the external load on the AC. Interestingly, it does not need to run at maximum speed to achieve this. With a dual inverter system, you get twin rotators that offer variable tonnage while absorbing heat from the air. Hence, a dual inverter air conditioner attains the perfect room temperature faster than conventional models of air conditioners.

More Energy Efficient

Specific dual inverter air conditioner brands provide more than 50% savings on electricity because a dual inverter needs less energy to operate. Since it loses less energy, you have less heating and cooling waste. There is also less of a requirement for power; it needs a lower frequency of rotation.

It Creates Lower vibration

The system’s lower vibration produces noise when the AC operates. The rotors turn at a 180-degree phase in a dual inverter system, making better stability, while AC operates at total capacity. This is why you get fewer vibrations and, therefore, less noise.

Now you know why investing in a dual inverter air conditioner is a good idea. Such a model has many advantages over traditional Split and Window air conditioners. Moreover, you only purchase air conditioners a few times a week because they cost a lot of money. Hence, you want to buy a technologically advanced model that will serve you well for the next five years. In all these respects, a dual inverter AC has a distinct age over standard models.

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