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Advanced SAFe Certifications And Specializations

SAFe Certifications



SAFe Certifications

Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe is a type of agile framework that software engineers abide by to build business strategies and solutions for their companies. This SAFe certification helps certify that a software engineer or IT engineer can utilize Lean, Agile, and DevOps principles for drawing impact decisions. This also signifies their ability to come up with satisfactory solutions using SAFe guidelines. If your aspiration is to pursue enterprise architecture, then acquiring this certificate is fundamental.

Companies these days prefer safe certification holders over general software engineers and IT professionals because of the critical knowledge a SAFe candidate will possess. In this article, you will learn about the importance of the certificate, the best-fit candidates, and the most popular certifications. Keep scrolling for further information. 

Benefits of SAFe Certification for career growth

SAFe certification has redefined the functioning of the agile framework due to its incredible assistance in scaling agile in large organizations.

If you work as a software developer, program developer, or business analyst and aim for career growth, opting for an agile SAFe certification can be your stepping stone. Let us discuss the four major advantages that this certificate will offer you.

  • Salary hike

Firstly, a SAFe-certified candidate will always remain more capable of serving the company than a general candidate. Secondly, if you can perform well enough to justify the certification, companies will certainly reward you with a salary hike. Or, if you are getting hired, the remuneration packages will always be higher than a general candidate’s, at least by 25%. This disparity is based on how useful you are to the company.

  • Worldwide acclamation

The international organization of Scaled Agile designs the SAFe certificates. This organization is known to devise standard content and examinations; hence, acquiring a certificate holds crucial value for company recruiters. Since the organization is globally well known, the certificate it issues is recognized around the world. If you have earned the certificate, it globally certifies you as a SAFe engineer, enabling you to apply to international companies.

  • Improved performance

The certification can be earned only after the course is satisfactorily completed, meaning you have gained the required knowledge for implementation. This will help you undertake the agile transformation efficiently and utilize various agile theories and approaches to achieve better delivery.

  • Better opportunities

Large companies with complex business structures are always on the lookout for candidates with SAFe certifications because this certification, especially acquired from globally acclaimed universities, assures them of your capability. They believe that you have successfully undergone the SAFe certification exam and will be able to handle the issues in the real world. Hence, you automatically get a preference over general engineers. In the near future, it will also help you to increase your profile visibility in the career world.

Skills industry-relevant skills taught by SAFe certification

Before we introduce you to the various SAFe courses available, it is essential to know the skills you will acquire and how you will benefit a company. SAFe is recommended for career choices like

  • Software Engineers
  • Lead Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Executives
  • Consultants
  • Business Owners
  • Enterprise Architects

Read on to learn how SAFe curates the professionals mentioned above to become useful in industries. The eight skills imparted by the courses are;

  • Introduction to the key concepts
  • Taking responsibility for Agile Transformation
  • Dealing with Agile Release Trains
  • Structuring the Agile Teams
  • Acing the Implement Planning
  • Introduction to the lean-agile approaches
  • Maintaining consistency in the delivery
  • Managing the lean portfolio

You can check out this video for a better and more detailed understanding.

What Is Scaled Agile Framework? | SAFe Agile Framework Tutorial | SAFe Explained | Simplilearn.

The best 4 SAFe Certification

There are many SAFe courses conducted by various organizations. Here, we will detail the four leading SAFe certification courses created by Simplilearn in association with the well-known AgileMania. Each of the four is accredited by Scaled Agile. The four most acclaimed certifications are;

  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Certificate Training

The two-day comprehensive training program comprises the various tools utilized to deal with program management and backlog handling. Also, it will help you to implement the SAFe techniques in advancing business strategies and thus become a ScrumMaster. From identifying customer needs to developing needful strategies to executing them, the course teaches you all.

The course is best for Product Owners and Managers, Program and Solution Managers, Business Owners and Analysts, etc.

  • SAFe Certification: Leading Safe 6 Training with Safe Agile Certification

The course focuses on the Lean-Agile Principles and their implementation in managing a portfolio. This two-day course teaches how to use SAFe guidelines in business management. You will also get to know about the Program Implement Planning and the building of business solutions and Lean Systems.

The course is best for Quality Analysts, Senior Managers, Directors and VPs, Solution Architects, Executives, etc.

  • Leading SAFe 5.1 Agilist Certification Training

The training program has different locations, like London, Singapore, and Bangalore. This program describes the lean-agile practices and the other SAFe principles along with their implementation and techniques to achieve effective agility. In this two-day training, you will also learn about ARTs and how to create an impressive agile portfolio.

The course is best for Portfolio managers, VPs, solution architects, process and solution architects, etc.

  • SAFe 6 Scrum Master Certification Training

This course details the role of Scrum Master and their importance. You will also get to learn the different agile approaches and their implementation in an enterprise. Other than that, you will also come across ways to implement the Program Implement guidelines effectively across an organization.

The course is best for Scrum Master, Developers, Team Leads, Release Train Engineer, etc.

Final thoughts

The efficiency in achieving agility has been behind the rising popularity of SAFe, and thus, major companies are searching for SAFe-certified candidates. Students are thus encouraged and advised to acquire this certificate. The SAFe certification cost is quite reasonable and thus can be afforded by everyone. Once acquired, this certificate will benefit you in multiple ways throughout your career.

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