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Understanding FMGE Success: Russian Medical Colleges for Indian Students

Explore the list of some Russian Medical Colleges with their FMGE passing percentage. MBBS in Russia is one of the best options to study MBBS Abroad at a low budget.



Russian Medical

Healthcare is a vast and important department in human life. The increased competition in India and heavy fee structures are enforcing the Indian medical aspirants towards MBBS Abroad. However, it can be a dream for many students to study in international countries but they may need more money. 

Russia is the most affordable country that allows students to Study MBBS in Russia at an easily achievable price that starts from 2 lakhs per year. The universities of Russia are well-recognized and globally approved. It is accredited by NMC, WHO, UNESCO, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc. It follows NMC guidelines that make Russia a suitable country to opt for MBBS in Russia

Explore the Top FMGE-Qualifying Russian Medical Universities

Let’s explore the top-notch Russian Medical Colleges that allow students a quality education at an easily achievable cost range. It provides the best faculties to help students enhance their learning skills. 

After completing MBBS, the students are required to qualify for the FMGE exam to get a medical license in India. It is not a competitive exam like the NEET exam. It has a fixed qualifying percentage of 50%. In the last year, only 22% of students qualified for the exam. Let’s look at the top universities with a high FMGE passing ratio for MBBS in Russia

Name of UniversityFMGE Passing Percentage
Kazan State Medical University42%
Bashkir State Medical University35%
Tver State Medical University40%
Orenburg State Medical University33%
Northern State Medical University30%

1.    Kazan State Medical University 

Kazan State Medical University is a government medical university established in 1814 in Russia. It is one of the top-ranked medical universities that allows students to pursue their MBBS in Russia with a world-class education quality. 

Recently, it scored a 42% passing percentage in the FMGE examination. It possesses a highly skilled and experienced faculty that facilitates students to cope with the MBBS curriculum. It is the most acknowledged and popular university for providing top-notch facilities for intra-curricular and extracurricular activities. They focus on the theoretical and practical skills equally. It graduates hundreds of international medical students annually and helps them to achieve the heights of success.

2. Bashkir State Medical University 

Bashkir State Medical University has a 35% FMGE passing ratio, making the university suitable for Indian students. This is one of the most preferred universities among Indian medical aspirants. It has been helping international aspirants for more than 50 years to accomplish their dream of becoming a successful doctor. 

The university was established in 1932. It is a well-accredited university and follows NMC guidelines. It possesses a good FMGE score which is the most fascinating factor to study in the university. They follow the latest curriculum and possess well-established hostels and laboratories. It consists of helpful and attentive faculties that help students to attain knowledge and practical skills.

3. Tver State Medical University

The Tver State Medical University was established in 1902. It is one of the ancient Russian Medical Colleges and possesses vast experience and expertise. It follows an advanced curriculum and provides hands-on clinical training on cadavers. It provides the best theoretical and practical training that helps students to become successful doctors. 

It possesses a 40% FMGE score which makes it a considerable university in Russia. It provides quality education and possesses highly qualified, skilled, and experienced faculties. They have a good teacher-student ratio i.e., 1:25. Their knowledge helps students to learn more and achieve more.

4.  Orenburg State Medical University 

The Orenburg State Medical University is the state-funded top-ranked university. It possesses a good FMGE ratio in Russia i.e., 33%. It graduates more than 500 students every year. The university was established in 1944. It is an acknowledged university for providing quality education at an easily achievable price. The MBBS degree from OSMU is valid and globally accepted. People with low budgets can pursue MBBS in Russia through this university. It facilitates accommodation and the best internship opportunities in Russia. 

5.  Northern State Medical University 

Northern State Medical University was established in 1932. It is the best university among Indian students especially in Maharashtra to study MBBS from Russia. It has been a popular option for Indian students for the last 10 to 15 years. The Deen of a famous Indian university Sancheti Hospital is qualified from the NSMU University. 

The FMGE passing percentage of the university is 30%. Almost, 90% of medical seats for international students are filled by Indian students. Its budget can range up to 33 to 35 lakhs. The university provides quality education to the students to brighten up their future. 


MBBS in Russia is one of the best options for students who want to pursue an MBBS Abroad on a low budget. The availability of ample government universities in Russia facilitates medical aspirants in India. We have discussed the top universities in Russia that possess high FMGE passing percentages, and provide quality education at an affordable fee structure with the best clinical exposure

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