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The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Maintenance with Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service



It’s more than just looks; a luscious and beautiful lawn is your outdoor living space. Relax and play in it. In the Bronx, where nature and the natural environment are not highly ranked compared to dense city living, the difference that your well-maintained lawn will make will be substantial. That is where Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service comes in. Being located at the heart of the borough, our services not only promise convenience but also top quality care for your green spaces. In this guide, we shall offer you an all-inclusive lawn care program integrating must-do tree and leaf services that Bronx dwellers need.

So Why Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service?

At Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service, we are located on the first floor at 3333 Henry Hudson Pkwy, Bronx, NY 10463. We offer professional, reliable, and cost-effective tree and lawn services. Our experts are available for your service to provide the most basic lawn care as well as elaborate tree services to ensure that your lawn is beautiful and healthy.

Full-Service Lawn Maintenance

We do apply an all-rounded approach in our maintenance program to ensure the lawn remains vigorous and healthy with rich, green turf all through the year. We offer the following services:

  • Regular Mowing and Edging: Mowing the lawn at regular intervals serves the purpose of not just making it look good and proper but also ensures the better growth of grass. As it helps in preventing pests and diseases, it further equals the nutrient distribution across the lawn.
  • Fertilization: We apply premium-quality fertilizers in order to keep your lawn enriched with those nutrients important in maintaining dense and strong grass.
  • Aeration: This procedure involves the poking of holes in the soil to enable air, water, and nutrients to enter the root system of the grass. Aeration promotes deeper growth of roots, thus enabling the plant to develop a more vigorous, strong lawn.
  • Weed Control: Effective control of weed growth will ensure that no other unwanted plants are allowed to draw on the resources from your grass, consequently keeping the lawn very green.

Tree Professional Services

The Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service does a lot more than just mow lawns; it also offers tree services. Trees do a number of good things for a property, such as clean the air and sometimes even raise the value of a property. Some of our tree services are as follows:

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning: Regular trimming encourages growth in trees, while preserving its shape and guarding from the growth of weak or dangerous branches.
  • Tree Removal: We cut any trees that may need to be felled on your property due to diseases, pest problems, or safety reasons. It will be done quickly, safely, and with as little disturbance to the rest of your landscape as is possible.
  • Stump Grinding: Once the trees have been removed, their stumps must be ground so that landscaping space can be reclaimed both for aesthetic beauty and safety.

Choosing a Service

When hiring a tree service company, it’s very important to consider reliability and professionalism. Being one of the top tree service companies in the Bronx, we make sure our team is a class above, fully trained, and armed with the latest tools to take care of your trees. Whether it is routine trimming, emergency tree removal, etc., Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service has you covered. We give you low-cost services on trees and maintain the quality of work done, hence you are sure to get the best care at a good value.

Contact Us Ready to take the first step toward a more beautiful and sustainable landscape? Call Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service today at (347) 486-4960. Our courteous staff is on hand to answer any questions and arrange a service time that is convenient for you. Bear in mind, healthy lawns and properly taken care of trees don’t only heighten the beauty of your property, but also make the environment a better place for all. Feel free to dial us on (347) 486-4960, and our help will be here for you to make that perfect garden and lawn a reality! 


Bronx Lawn Cutting and Leaf Service offers you the best in landscape and tree care through hard work and professional know-how. Enjoy a well-maintained and healthy outdoor space all year round with a wide array of services expertly adapted to meet the needs of Bronx inhabitants. Call us at (347) 486-4960, or come visit us at a location convenient for you, right here in the Bronx. Let us help you better the beauty and vitality of your landscape today!

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