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The Key to a Bird-Free Area: Successful Installation of Bird Spikes



Birds are stunning creatures; however, they can be quite annoying when they invade our space. Birds can make a mess, damage property and present health risks from residential areas to commercial buildings. But we have one simple solution that will keep them away from bird spikes in dubai.

What Are Bird Spikes?

Bird spikes are physical devices used as bird deterrents which prevent birds from landing or roosting on certain surfaces. They are designed to be both humane and effective in order for it to work well with animals like birds.

Types of Bird Spikes

There are two main types of bird spikes available in the market:

Plastic Bird Spikes 

The plastic bird spikes in dubai are made from durable UV resistant polycarbonate material making them suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes 

Known for their durability and long life span, stainless steel bird spikes can withstand harsh weather conditions and high traffic areas better than other types can.

Benefits Of Using Bird Spikes

Here is why you should consider installing bird spike systems:

It Keeps Birds Away:

Bird spikes stop birds from landing or roosting without causing any harm to them at all.

Non-Harmful Method: 

Some methods such as chemical deterrents may harm birds but not this one so it’s humane too.

Long Term Solution: 

Once properly installed they can provide years’ worth of protection against these pests thereby being considered as an investment rather than just another cost incurred due pest control measures being taken up against them over time which doesn’t work out expensive ultimately because nothing does what needs doing until everything has gone wrong;

Where Can You Put Up The Bird Spikes?

Here is where you can install your new set(s) of bird spikes:

  • Residential Areas – rooftops, balconies, gardens etcetera;
  • Commercial Buildings – warehouses/factories/signage etcetera;
  • Agricultural Fields – to protect crops from being damaged by birds during harvest season etcetera;
  • Before Installing Bird Spikes Consider These Factors

Here are some things to think about before you start putting up those new sets of bird spikes around your place:

Types Of Birds Involved:

Different types require different designs so make sure we choose wisely based on what kind(s) we are dealing with currently.

Location For Installation: 

Depending on where exactly the problem is coming from will determine which ones should go where e.g., if its near windows then put them there but if nearer trees then place closer to those instead etcetera.

Weather Condition In Your Area: 

The climate can affect the durability of these devices therefore it would be prudent enough for us all to take this into account too when purchasing our own set(s) of spike systems.

How Do You Install Bird Spikes?

This is how one goes about setting up their own bird spikes system

Prepare The Surface

Clean off any dirt or debris that may interfere with the bonding process between adhesive material used and surface being worked upon. Ensure everything dries out well afterwards too otherwise they won’t stick properly either way round.

Attach Them Onto Surfaces

use screws, adhesive tapes/epoxy glue etcetera depending on what kind of surfaces were dealing with right now i.e., whether metallic/wooden/plastic ones mainly among others available options out there today for this purpose alone only at hand right now.

Maintenance Tips

Bird spikes and bird netting in dubai are a humane, efficient and enduring way to control birds. You can achieve a bird-free zone without hurting these animals by using them.


Bird spikes offer a humane, effective, and long-lasting solution to bird control. By installing bird spikes, you can enjoy a bird-free environment without causing harm to the birds.

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