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TeraBox Review(Should You Use This Tool?



TeraBox ensures that the precious moments that you capture in the form of videos and images remain safe and secure forever. It also helps you store your office or school documents, like PPTs or assignments, so that you can submit or use them whenever you need them. If you’re also one of the people thinking of using the TeraBox app but confused about whether it works or not or whether it’s legitimate. Then this TeraBox review is just for you.

In this review, I’ve talked about every single thing, including the security and features of TeraBox. All I need from you is to be there till the end of this post.

What’s TeraBox?

If you’re running out of space on your smartphone, tablet, Mac, or even iPhone, TeraBox has your back. This cloud storage service gives you up to 1 TB of free storage so that all of your crucial data can easily be stored in it without consuming your own device’s storage. The app is available in both of the app stores. App Store and also the Google Play Store, where it has a huge user base of over 100 million downloads. 

TeraBox enables you to not only store your data but also back it up, download it, and access it whenever you want.  There are no additional requirements or criteria for you to meet in order to get the free storage of the app. When you sign up and are registered in the app, you’re granted free space that you can then use to store any type of data that you want.

Is TeraBox Trustworthy?

Yes, TeraBox is a trustworthy application that has gained the trust of millions of people across the world. TeraBox is now under the sole management of Flextech, a Japanese company. While there was previous involvement from Chinese investors, with the complete withdrawal of Chinese investment and brand upgrade for 2024, TeraBox has transitioned into a wholly Japanese-owned venture.

The reason why the app is so trustworthy is because of its highly secure cloud storage system, which keeps your privacy and your data safe. The app uses SSL encryption, 2-step authentication, and other advanced security technologies to protect the users’ data. 

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My TeraBox Review:

It’s been 4 months since I’ve been using the TeraBox app for storing my files. There are lots of things that I’ve experienced about the app that I want you to know. They’ll surely help you clear up your mind about the app and burst out any myths around it revolving around the internet.

It’s Completely Free To use:

I’ve seen some TeraBox reviews of people being afraid about the 7-day free trial of the app. They think that the 1TB storage of TeraBox will be available to them only for 7 days, which is not true. As mentioned earlier, I’ve been using the app for 4 months and still haven’t paid a penny for it.  The 7-day trial is mainly for those who want to test the premium plan of the app. 

After 7 days, the trial is over, and you can choose to either get the premium plan and pay for it or stick to the free one only if you don’t want to pay. The TeraBox app is completely free to use. You can keep on using it without any fear of paying any money.

User Interface:

I’ve found the user interface of the TeraBox app to be super easy to use and neat and clean. It features only the necessary options, which are self-explanatory. This means that just by looking at the function, you’ll be able to know what the function does. 

Other than that, the app runs faster and doesn’t lag or stutter at all. It makes downloading and uploading the data to the storage quite easy.


If you need to have an extended file limit and also 2 TB of storage, then you can consider taking the premium plans of the app. The premium plans of the app are quite pocket-friendly. 

They cost only a couple of dollars that anybody can afford. And the advantages that you get from the plans are extraordinary and super helpful. 

Fast Upload and Download Speeds

If you want to upload or download any files to cloud storage, then it won’t take long to do that. Because the app offers you one of the fastest downloading and uploading speeds, The best thing about TeraBox is that even in its free version, the speed is very fast and won’t make you wait for hours to download or upload your favorite files.

I tried updating a couple of files on the app, and I was shocked by how fast speed I got, and that too for free. If you’re an impatient guy like me who frequently has to download or upload large files, then no other cloud storage can help you more than TeraBox in this regard.

File Recovery:

Ever accidentally deleted an important file? Don’t worry, this app has your back with its handy file recovery feature! Whether it’s a document, photo, or video, if you’ve mistakenly deleted something, you can easily retrieve it with just a few clicks. Just make sure you recover your files before 10 days as after a time period, the files will be permanently deleted.

Automatic Backups:

The TeraBox takes care of even the most rare scenarios. Like when you lose your phone or accidentally delete the TeraBox app. The app offers you automatic backups of your data.  Whenever you upload data to the cloud, it keeps getting backed up regularly. This way, when you accidentally delete the app or lose your phone, your data will be safe.

Easily Share Data:

There is a lot of time when you have photos or videos that you want to share with your family or friends. On most of the cloud storage, you first have to download the files from the cloud storage to your phone. 

And then you’ll be able to share them with whomever you want. However, that’s not the case with TeraBox. On this app, you can directly share your files through email and the generated sharing link with anyone you want to with ease.

Security And Privacy:

TeraBox offers secure and private cloud storage solutions to keep your data safe. Encryption is used to encrypt your files during transfer and storage, and advanced security measures help prevent unauthorized access. With features like dual processing and attention to user privacy, you can feel confident storing your important files on TeraBox.

Customer Support:

If you’re having any issues with TeraBox or have any questions that you have to ask, Then you can contact TeraBox customer support. They have great customer support where they have dedicated managers sitting to answer every query sent by the user. They give their support through their email and their contact number, which you can easily get from the official website of cloud storage. 

That’s my TeraBox review. Let me tell you some of the other benefits of TeraBox:

Benefits of TeraBox:

You’ll get the following benefits by using TeraBox cloud storage.


  • TeraBox offers users a generous 1TB of free cloud storage for life or the option to upgrade to 2TB for a nominal monthly fee.
  • Users can easily upload or download files such as photos, videos, and documents through TeraBox’s user-friendly interface.
  • Administrators have access to stored content from any device, ensuring its convenience regardless of time or location.
  • Employees can view photos and videos directly from TeraBox.
  • Developers can conveniently organise files into folders for faster access.
  • TeraBox prioritises file privacy and security, allowing administrators to anonymously share private files with friends and family.

Final Words:

According to me, TeraBox is the best choice for anyone who’s looking for a free or affordable cloud storage service that is secure and legit to use. This application has hundreds of millions of downloads on all of the app stores and websites. What makes it more trustworthy and safe to use is its availability on the Google Play Store and App Store. 

Not only that, the app has three certifications from ISO, and it was also recommended by the world’s famous cybersecurity firm, Trend Micro.  You should definitely give TeraBox a shot. 

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