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Power Dressing With Sarees: Know How To Elevate Your Office Attire With Confidence

Sarees Power dressing is back on trend and the world is obsessed with outfits that reflect the ‘boss girl’ vibe.




Power dressing is back on trend and the world is obsessed with outfits that reflect the ‘boss girl’ vibe. Corporate coded dressing may seem all about 90s inspired padded suit jackets, blazers, pencil skirts, and shirts but there’s another elegant side that you can achieve with sarees. Whether you love ethnic outfits or are just starting to explore your desi side, wearing sarees to work will help you represent your cultural roots while looking elegant and graceful. Sarees have a unique place in the realm of formal or business wear because of its classic appearance, which is available in versatile styles and colors.

Wearing a saree to the workplace, however, necessitates striking a careful balance between classic appeal and modern grace. Want to learn how to achieve this ideal balance? The following recommendations can help you look confident and leave a lasting impression. From choosing the ideal fabrics to mastering draping methods and picking the best accessories, keep reading as we list tips to add sarees to your workwear wardrobe and upgrade your formal outfits.

Tips To Elevate Your Office Attire With Sarees:

  1. Fabric: Buy latest sarees of cotton, and linen that are timeless and the best option for work wear as they are durable and breathable. The fabrics are soft and suitable for all seasons. You can also pick wrinkle-resistant georgette, satin, or crepe while traveling for work events. Silk and chiffon will be ideal for office parties and festive celebrations. However, for daily wear it is best to go for a fabric that you find easy to drape, comfortable to wear, and allows for air circulation on hot days.
  2. Colors: Neutral colors like gray, black, or navy are always classy choices for work wear. You can also try pastel colors such as baby pink, sky blue, lilac, butter yellow, and sage green for a sophisticated look. If you love bright shades, opting for sarees with minimal pops of colors on the border or pallu with a solid body will help you dress as per your preferences without sacrificing suitability for the workplace.
  3. Prints, Patterns, And Textures: While it is crucial to maintain the formal look, you can always opt for sarees with interesting visual effects through minimal patterns. From polka dots to traditional kalamkari designs, patterns help add dimension to your outfit. Textures from fabrics such as crepe or through raised embroidery will help add a captivating detail.
  4. Accessories: Complete your outfits with essential accessories to create a cohesive and put-together appearance. Opt for elegant chains with pendants, studs, delicate bracelets, and dainty rings. Structured tote handbags and other accessories such as watches will also help you achieve a sophisticated look.
  5. Draping: Drape your saree in a chic and modern way for a work-appropriate look. Consider styles such as timeless Nivi drape, which radiates refinement or the classic Bengali drape for a hint of traditional charm. For a polished look, make sure the pleats are positioned precisely and the pallu is perfectly pinned.
  6. Blouse: The design and cut of the blouse determines how formal or informal the saree appears, as it plays a significant role in giving it a formal appearance. Sleeves up to your elbows and a high-neck collar should be your top choice for work-appropriate looks. You can also pick square necks, keyhole back designs, or blouses with full sleeves for a contemporary look.
  7. Footwear: Style should never come at the expense of comfort. Choose shoes that will not hinder your movement during your hectic workday. Wedges or block heels strike the ideal mix between fashion and comfort, offering the support required for prolonged wear. You can also opt for flats or ballet flats – just ensure that the length of your saree is adjusted for the low footwear. Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes like stilettos as they are more suited to parties and occasion wear.
  8. Hair Style & Make Up: Always wear natural and ‘clean gir’ aesthetic makeup looks for your office that enhance your natural beauty without overpowering your features. Opt for a nude lipstick, clear lip gloss, subtle blush, eyeliner, and kajal. Additionally, a slick back hairdo will keep distractions from loose hair locks at bay and conveys that you are well-groomed and organized.


  1. What kind of saree can one wear to work?
    Opt for cotton or linen sarees that are comfortable and durable for daily office wear in neutral colors and muted tones for a professional aesthetic. If you wish to wear bright shades, stick to small colorful designs. Sarees with patterns and textures will add dimension and visual interest.
  2. How to wear a saree professionally?
    Drape the saree in the simple Nivi or traditional styles that allow you to pin the pallu up. Ensure that your pleats are neatly ironed and secure them in place to avoid mishaps through the day. Wear a collared or high-necked blouse and avoid V-necked or backless styles, along with long or half sleeves. It is also imperative that the petticoat or underskirt never shows through the saree.
  1. Which saree is good for work parties?
    Opt for wrinkle-resistant satin, chiffon, or chanderi fabrics that add a shine while helping you look graceful and poised. The border and embellishments should be kept to a minimum even for parties at work. However, you can add bling with accessories such as jhumkas and bangles on special occasions.
  2. What are the latest saree trends for work wear?
    Floral prints, color blocking, pastel shades, and all-white looks are all the top saree trends in 2024. You can also opt for the trendy fusion styling by opting to add shape with belts, wearing sneakers with sarees, or incorporating contemporary abstract prints.


Enter your desi boss girl era by wearing timeless sarees to work and styling outfits that reflect your ethnic roots. Make a lasting impression in the office by choosing your accessories carefully, putting comfort first, and projecting confidence. To ensure you are at ease all day, choose soft and durable fabrics, pick minimal prints, drape the saree skillfully, and add hints of color with jewelry and accessories. You should also pick the right footwear to walk with grace and poise.

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