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Microsoft AI: Unlock Business Efficiency and Maximize Revenue.

Discover how Microsoft AI boosts productivity and drives revenue growth for businesses. Transform your operations with cutting-edge technology.



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What organizations today need is a reliable technology solution that can help them succeed and improve efficiency. In the digital age where AI technology is dominant, opting for AI-enabled solutions is the ideal way to go.

From creating new opportunities to improving efficiency across core business processes, leading organizations are leveraging AI to their business advantage. This has created major impact in the way business is being done and revenue increase.

Besides improving business processes, AI gives a boost to employee productivity. Given the numerous benefits that AI offers, now is the time to take your business forward with an AI-powered solution.

Microsoft AI

Microsoft vision is to help every organization create significant business impact by putting AI into action at large. The company offers several AI capabilities that enable everyone, from data scientists and developers to users, to use the power of AI.  

Before investing in AI solutions to unlock success, it is vital to have a comprehensive approach that focuses on various competencies. These capabilities help you become stronger, create greater engagement and value across the organization.

The best way to get started with Microsoft AI is to team up with experienced Microsoft Partners. They will have unique expertise across AI to help you develop custom solutions to deliver quick impact.

Bringing the power of AI to business

The focus of AI (artificial intelligence) should be transforming business processes. But to realize the potential of AI, it is crucial to bring the power of AI to every user, from data engineers to software developers to users in every department. Microsoft has a range of AI solutions that empower every user to do their daily tasks in a proactive way.

  • Microsoft AI platform and services can help developers and data scientists to create, deploy and manage a range of AI solutions.
  • For subject matter experts who have business expertise, AI models are available to speed up their learning and apply knowledge more efficiently.
  • For employees to achieve more, various AI capabilities have been infused into the productivity apps they use daily like Microsoft Outlook and Word. Microsoft even has low-code and no-code tools (Microsoft Power Apps) that enable users to create their own AI models to transform their work.

AI for data scientists and developers

Microsoft provides data scientists and developers with the right set of tools to build custom AI models and applications.

They can leverage advancements of Microsoft in areas such as visual recognition, speech processing and natural language understanding. These AI models are infused into Azure AI services.

This enables them to exploit the power of Microsoft AI within Azure while developing applications using their programming languages and frameworks. The AI applications can be deployed across the cloud.

Create custom machine learning models

Azure Machine Learning is perfect for developing bespoke machine learning models. It is the ideal platform that empowers data scientists and developers to engage in complete machine learning development, from data preparation to training, testing, deployment, and management. Using automated ML, developers can develop machine learning models quickly.

Azure Cognitive Services is a set of cognitive APIs for vision, language, speech, and decision making. These API’s can be integrated to add intelligence into apps. Therefore, without any expertise in machine learning, developers can deploy AI for various use cases – the common use case is for creating chatbots or virtual agents.

AI for subject experts

It is critical to empower subject matter experts with tools that help them use AI for reasoning. These experts are assigned to solve most complex and cognitive problems, and AI can help. Wide range of AI models are available today which the experts can use for a specific purpose.

AI for reasoning is valuable for subject matter experts such as business developers, marketers, field technicians, researchers, operations managers and more. With the help of AI, they can deliver business impact.

Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical company is using AI for reasoning to empower every employee. They are bringing the power of AI to the workstation of every user (not just developers or data scientists) to transform how medicines are discovered, developed, and commercialized.

AI for employees

Finally, to realize the transformational capability of AI, you must put AI into the hands of all business users. AI enables users including data scientists, developers, and business users to achieve more with less.

AI offers unlimited opportunities to simplify tasks and get tasks done easily. For instance, using AI, employees can discover hidden insights from large amounts of business and customer data, improve customer engagement, collaboration among users and automate tedious tasks.

So many business processes can be improved with Microsoft AI. Adopting the solution helps you respond to increasing challenges and gain a significant leap over your competitors.

Some of the use scenarios are:

  • AI helps to identify detect faults in equipment
  • AI-powered chatbots interacts with customers using natural language
  • AI helps in compliance monitoring in legal documents
  • Identify fraudulent behavior or any anomalies
  • Extract customer sentiments from customer feedback or social media
  • AI helps in generating marketing leads
  • Optimize supply chain, inventory, and pricing
  • Sales and revenue forecasting
  • Automates repetitive tasks

AI helps to improve sales, marketing, and customer service, solve problems, and helps you gain information. Businesses can take advantage of pre-built AI models for document processing, object detection, sentiment analysis, text recognition and extracting information from business cards.

To get the most out of Microsoft AI, get started with leading Microsoft Partners.

If your business is in any of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America or Asian countries, you can partner with a trusted Microsoft partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India.

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