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Massages Help You Lose Fat? The Scientific Answer Will Surprise You

Massages Help



Massages Help

You must have heard a lot of benefits associated with massages. But did you know certain massage techniques can also aid in weight loss? Yes. you heard that right? Certain types of massages when done regularly with other weight loss techniques and body therapy can help in reducing stubborn fat pockets. VLCC has pioneered these techniques and has combined them with its various weight loss treatments such as the TermoSlim therapy to reap maximum benefits and gain exceptional results. Let’s explore the science behind the role of massage techniques aiding in weight loss.

VLCC’s Discovery Of New & Traditional Therapies

The wellness sector is constantly evolving with new innovations everyday. As a leading wellness partner VLCC not only brings in new innovations for weight management, but also blends in traditional massage therapies to enhance the overall results of the weight loss therapies such as  TermoSlim therapy. This perfect blend of traditional and modern science is what makes VLCC’s body therapy so highly effective.

The Blend Of Modern Machine & Natural Techniques

When you explore VLCC’s most advanced body therapy such as the TermoSlim therapy, the cryolipolysis treatment or the bamboo therapy, you may find that at the core of these treatments lies the G5 applicator and the massage techniques. While the G5 machine helps in lymphatic drainage and breaking down of fat cells, the massaging strokes on the body enhance blood circulation and aid in effective toxin removal from the body. The massaging techniques are customized as per the treatment you choose. Massaging techniques like Petrissage, Effleurage, and Friction support the G5 machine in achieving the desired results in weight loss and body sculpting.

Why Should You Choose Advanced Treatments By VLCC

There are various reasons as to why one should choose VLCC treatment over the weight loss crash courses, diets and surgeries that can be often found online. Here are some of the best reasons for choosing VLCC’s body therapy.

Spot Reduction: When you choose VLCC, you choose weight loss results that you can actually see and experience. With every session you get to experience spot reduction and inch loss.

Painless Treatment: Forget about incisions, surgical tools and heavy anesthesia, these treatments like TermoSlim therapy, the cryolipolysis treatment or the bamboo therapy ensure minimal discomfort or pain.

Complementary to Diet & Exercise: To speed up your weight loss journey, VLCC brings you a team of experts that also compliment your body therapy with an effective diet and exercise plan. This ensures that your weight loss results have long lasting effects.

Improved Blood Circulation: The massage techniques in advanced treatments like TermoSlim therapy aren’t just limited to weight loss. They go way beyond that and ensure overall health and wellbeing of an individual by increasing blood circulation and supplying more oxygen to muscles.

Skin Tightening & Toning: Apart from reducing flabby areas of your body, massage techniques in body therapy by VLCC also helps tone and tighten your skin, giving it a fresh and youthful glow.

The Science Behind The Massage Techniques For Weight Loss

The massage techniques used by VLCC’s experts leverages the power of science to drive desired weight loss results. These massage techniques by VLCC are combined with powerful technologies and the right applicators consisting of active ingredients that aid in faster and holistic body sculpting results.

The Winning Process To Achieve Weight Management Goals

  • Target Identification: The first step to sustainable weight loss is identifying target areas that need to be worked on customizing the body therapy based on them.
  • G5 Appliance and Shape Up Oil: While the massage techniques done using the shape up oil and the G5 machine help in heating up the fat cells and breaking them down, they also help enhance lymphatic drainage.
  • Manual Therapy Techniques: Apart from the G5 machine and the massages there are other manual therapies used in therapies like the TermoSlim therapy to boost the lymphatic drainage more effectively.
  • Aftercare & Maintenance: For sustainable results, VLCC ensures a complete after treatment plan which guides the individual on hydration levels, sun exposure, diet plan, exercise and every little detail that adds on the overall results.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support: After every session and every testing period, the results are carefully monitored to ensure that treatment is on track and the results are at par.

Final Thoughts

Weight management isn’t an easy journey to embark on, especially when you’ve been used to a certain lifestyle for far too long. However, VLCC’s modern and innovative technique ensures to drive results with minimal discomfort to your body and changes to your original lifestyle. A blend of science and massage techniques with the help of slimming ingredients go a long way in ensuring that the results are not only visible in each session but also long lasting. If you still have more questions regarding VLCC’s body therapy programs, reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to guide you through!

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