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iPad/Tablet Based Employee Self Service Kiosk For Workday Time Tracking and Payroll





The next-generation tablet-based solution known as CloudApper AI TimeClock connects with a wide variety of human capital management (HCM) and payroll platforms, including UKG, Workday, iSolved, Ceridian Dayforce, and others. In addition to being compatible with iPad and Tablet devices, it supports a number of languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Turkish. An application programming interface (API) is provided for integration, and support is offered via email and a help desk. Facial recognition, numerous time capture modes, and data collecting forms that can be customized are some of the features that make it a versatile and cost-effective option for organizations of all sizes.

As an alternative to Workday’s time clock, CloudApper’s AI TimeClock Workday’s time management capabilities are improved with the Help of Employee Self-Service tools, which provide employees with the ability to manage their own time. Through the use of iPads or tablets, it enables employees to easily access time data and HR information, which in turn empowers the workforce and streamlines HR procedures. Real-time analytics, self-service features, and an artificial intelligence assistant that delivers rapid responses to HR-related questions are all provided by the program. Automating tasks, enhancing workforce management planning, and simplifying communication between employees and human resources are the goals of this initiative.

For Workday users, CloudApper AI TimeClock revolutionizes time management by providing intuitive self-service features, empowering employees, simplifying HR processes, and offering real-time insights. It seamlessly integrates with Workday HR systems, allowing employees to access time data and HR information conveniently from their iPad or tablet, anytime and anywhere. The system ensures effortless access to timesheets, paystubs, PTO balances, and enables self-service convenience for tasks like submitting time off requests and managing time entries. Additionally, CloudApper AI TimeClock features an AI assistant that provides instant answers to HR-related queries, enhancing workforce management planning, communication between frontline employees and HR teams, and automating tasks to reduce HR stress.

By transforming tablets into staff time clocks, CloudApper AI TimeClock provides a solution that is both cost-effective and innovative in terms of artificial intelligence technology. This solution offers an artificial intelligence assistant that can provide answers to HR issues, automate chores, and speed up HR procedures. Customization of punch submission methods and data capturing forms is possible thanks to the software’s high degree of adaptability, which enables it to cater to the preferences of individual businesses. The goal is to make time tracking easier, to reduce stress in human resources, and to improve the effectiveness of labor management.

A global time-and-attendance tool, CloudApper AI TimeClock for Workday Time Tracking works easily with Workday HCM, Payroll, Absence Management, Scheduling, and Projects. It is a time-and-attendance solution that utilizes artificial intelligence. Increased worker productivity, decreased labor expenses, and reduced compliance risks are all benefits of this feature. In addition to providing managers with an all-in-one dashboard, the program enables self-service time entry, mobile and web time clocks, fast approvals, actionable reporting, and additional features. It makes global labor management easier to manage, boosts productivity, and reduces the total cost of ownership among other benefits

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