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How to Get AP in Valorant and get your A-game!



When you know that an FPS game is known for its difficulty curve, similar to games like Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant, the game that we will be talking about in this article, you know that leveling up is not an easy task, and there are a multitude of challenges present in every round.

There is no magic shortcut to skyrocket your level in Valorant; well, a Valorant gift card may be an exception; we will be discussing with you strategies that will maximize your Account Points (AP) gain for every match you play and make sure that your A-game is on the spot.

Valorant Account Points

As the name implies, Account Points, or AP Valorant for short, are literal points that help you increase your level within the game. An advantage of this is that you can use these points to receive upgrades and change the color scheme of your avatar frame.

The game rewards you with a significant 1000 AP bonus if you get to win your first match each day. If you manage to play daily and win at least one match during the day, this should prove to be a significant step for you in collecting Valorant AP. You can either play or notice that the Valorant points price on our website at U7BUY is lower than other websites, and it can prove to be an effective shortcut method as well!

Just Have Fun

This may seem simple, yet a highly effective approach to not just playing this game but every game in general, no matter the genre you like. If you can’t have fun, even playing this would seem like a chore. Do you want to guarantee this approach? Make sure you play this with friends, trust me, there is nothing more joyous than that.

More Wins – More Points

Stating the obvious here, but we are literally telling you to just win. Like I said before, your first victory in a match gives you 1000 AP Valorant as a reward, but if you keep playing more matches during the day, who knows how many Valorant AP you may collect?  Winning guarantees more AP than losing, so try to focus on improving your gameplay and teamwork coordination, and you will definitely have a increased win rate.

Choose the Right Game Modes

There is always a huge debate going on in the Valorant Community on which specific game mode offers faster leveling, Spike Rush games may be quicker, but some say that Unrated or Competitive offers similar AP Valorant per minute played. 

Completing Weekly Missions

These missions offer various Valorant AP rewards, so I would recommend holding off on some missions to potentially complete them alongside future Weekly Missions for a bigger Valorant AP Gain.


All in all, do not mindlessly grind the game since it can lead to burnout. Take breaks and switch things up to keep Valorant enjoyable for a long time since leveling up in this game, or any game for that matter requires consistent gameplay and dedication.

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