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How to Coordinate Your Sherwani with the Bride’s Outfit: Tips and Tricks



How to Coordinate Your Sherwani with the Bride's Outfit: Tips and Tricks

Your wedding day – A rush of emotions, a rainbow of colours, and the beginning of a wonderful journey with the true love of your life. As the groom, you desire to look your best, enhancing your bride’s brightness and creating a beautiful symphony. But how can you keep your sherwani from clashing with her lehenga? Fear not, grooms-to-be! This guide will provide you with techniques and tricks for creating sartorial cohesion that says volumes (without yelling!).

A Match-up Made in Details

Forget about looking like twins; that is not the goal!  The idea is to find a harmonious balance. To add a touch of synchronized beauty to your sherwani for a wedding, weave a thread from the bride’s lehenga.

Colour Play With A Twist

Does your bride prefer a traditional red lehenga? Don’t be afraid to face it! Choose a sherwani in a contrasting colour, such as ivory or beige, with elaborate gold embroidery that matches the details on her lehenga. This promotes cohesiveness without being very matchy-matchy.

Embroidered Elegance

The delicate details will speak for itself! If your bride’s lehenga has beautiful flower embroidery, choose a men’s sherwani with a more understated, geometrical version of that same design. This establishes a consistent visual relationship while making each outfit maintain its uniqueness.

Accessorise With The Goal

The beauty is in the details! Enhance your sherwani with a pocket square or safa that has a bit of the bride’s outfit colour. A shawl with a subtle border that matches the needlework on her lehenga gives a sense of coordinated style.

Opposites Attract: Celebrate The Power Of Contrast.

Ready to break the mould? Consider a coordinating contrast! This method works well for bold couple who desire to make an impact. Here’s how to accomplish it:

The Colour Wheel Magic

Analyse the colour wheel! If the bridal lehenga is a radiant emerald green, a deep burgundy designer sherwani for groom can make an eye-catching contrast. Remember to keep both outfits at an identical level of formality.

Monochrome Marvel

Play with colours from the same family! If your bride’s lehenga is deep purple in colour, a sherwani in a less intense lavender shade provides a classy contrast while being within the same colour spectrum.

Metallic Matchmaking

Metallics are a classic option! If the bridal lehenga is adorned with gold, a wedding sherwani for men made of contrasting fabric, such as velvet, with delicate gold embroidery produces a regal and matched look.

Developing A Cohesive Look

Remember, your wedding images will be treasured for years to come! Here are some more suggestions to guarantee that your coordinated style goes beyond the outfits:

The Power of Prints

If the lehenga and sherwani include printed pieces, make sure the designs complement rather than compete. Paisley motifs can look great combined, or pair a dramatic floral design on the lehenga with a more delicate abstract design on the sherwani. Don’t be afraid to play with textures; a textured sherwani can give depth as well as visual interest when paired with a printed lehenga.

The Entourage Effect

Match your groomsmen’s outfits with your sherwani & the bride’s lehenga. Choose kurtas or even waistcoats that have similar colours or motifs to create a coherent look for the wedding. This doesn’t imply they have to be identical; for a modern twist, use a monochrome palette with various colours.

Never Forget the Decor

Incorporate the colour theme of your outfits in your wedding decor. This generates an aura of visual cohesion and improves the overall atmosphere of the event. For example, if your sherwani contains shades of emerald green to go with the bride’s lehenga, use emerald green details in the centerpieces or mandap decor.

Additional Tips And Tricks

Trial and error: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new combinations and styles throughout your trial sessions. To strike the ideal blend of originality and coordination, experiment with different colour palettes, cloth textures, and accessory combinations. Remember, the quest to locate the perfect sherwani ensemble is just as exciting as the goal.

Personal Touch

Add your individuality to the sherwani attire to make it genuinely your own. Infusing touches of individuality, whether through subtle nods to shared interests or personalized embroidered work, can boost the entire look from ordinary to outstanding.

Seek Professional Advice

When in doubt, consult with seasoned wedding clothing experts. From expert stylists to specialized tailors, professionals may provide essential insights and recommendations based on your individual preferences and needs.

Shop for the ideal sherwani to match your bride’s outfit!

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