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How to Be a Thriving Resident in Glendale, California

Glendale Southern California is one of the most aesthetically pleasing regions in the US,




Southern California is one of the most aesthetically pleasing regions in the US, besides playing a vital role in the nation’s economy. After all, it’s home to the nation’s most populous county and second most populous city.

Outside the glitzy and sprawling Los Angeles sits Glendale, a smaller city in the San Fernando Valley with the Verdugo Mountains in the background.

Glendale is considered one of the top places in the country to live. It offers abundant outdoor life, city conveniences, diversity, and cuisine.

Whether you are a local or a newcomer, Glendale has everything you need to thrive as a resident.

Let’s explore how you can embrace the lifestyle of Jewel City and flourish as a resident.

Explore the City

Glendale has a unique appeal, balancing small-town charm and big-city conveniences. Downtown Glendale is the heart of the city, and all the action takes place there.

Explore the city’s vibrant art and entertainment hotspots and discover amazing places like MONA, Pacific Theatres at the Americana, Alex Theatre, and Roslin Art Gallery.

Get to know the city’s history through interaction with the diverse local community and visiting cultural centers like the Armenian American Museum and Lanterman House.

Did you know that Glendale’s City Center is one of the most walkable areas in Southern California? 

According to a survey by Redfin, Glendale is a walker’s paradise second only to Santa Barbara’s Westside. By exploring the city, you will uncover even more fan facts.

Embrace Culinary Delights

One of the things that endear us to a place is its culinary offerings. If a place doesn’t have good places to dine, then it’s not all that exciting. 

As a resident of Glendale, you want to be familiar with the local culinary scene, which means going on a taste bud adventure. 

When it comes to dining, the city doesn’t disappoint. From local eateries serving fresh-from-the-farm dishes to world-class joints with diverse offerings, you will be impressed by the city’s knack for variety.

You will get to experience Glendale’s culture through its diverse cuisines, ranging from Armenian and Greek to Mediterranean and Lebanese.

Bourbon Steak, Glendale Galleria, Deluca’s Italian Deli, and Porto’s Bakery & Cafe are just a few establishments that will ignite a connection to Glendale.

Visit the Verdugo Mountains

What makes Glendale so picturesque are the Verdugo Mountains in the background. If you haven’t interacted with this magnificent range, you haven’t embraced all the thrills Jewel City has to offer.

The range is easily accessible from the freeways, with numerous well-maintained trails that offer stunning views of the city. At its highest point, the Verdugo Peak, you enjoy a sweeping view of the San Fernando Valley.

While living in Glendale, the Verdugo Mountains quickly turn into a one-stop destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s where you go for long adventures, peaceful picnics, and spectacular mountain vistas.

Some of the go-to places in the Verdugo Mountains include:

  • Verdugo Mountain Park
  • Brand Park Brace 
  • Canyon Park 
  • Catalina Verdugo Adobe
  • Descanso Gardens

Understand the Cost of Living

California, as a whole, is not among the most affordable places to live, considering that the average cost of living exceeds the national average by 38%. It gets even more expensive the closer you are to Los Angeles. Glendale is basically a suburb of the Big Orange.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Glendale is one of the most expensive US cities. Still, by researching and knowing what to expect, you will find ways to navigate the costs and lead a fulfilling life in Jewel City. 

For example, while housing is expensive in Glendale, some neighborhoods are relatively affordable compared to others. Verdugo Viejo, Chevy Chase, Canyon Oaks, and Fremont Park are affordable neighborhoods.

Also, you can rest easy knowing the city is one of the safest in the country. Moving to cheaper locales won’t impact your security. Still, it’s always best to maintain your security measures.

Note: if you want to update your security system, Security Explorer has a handy guide on stripping your home of an old system and installing a new one.

Engage With the Community

One of the best ways to thrive anywhere is to engage with the community. Making meaningful connections and striving to be part of the local experience will help you flourish in Glendale.

Take advantage of volunteer opportunities that help you make a positive impact. You can start by joining sports, hobbies, or charity clubs in your area. 

Activities that make you more involved in the community help you to establish roots and feel more at home.

In Summary

The key to thriving as a resident of Glendale lies in embracing the beauty of your surroundings, cultivating relationships, and going out of your way to be part of the community. As you immerse yourself in life in Glendale, you will soon feel more in tune with the city.

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