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How Many Boxes Are Required By An Average Person To Move?





Shifting and moving come with a long list of tasks and responsibilities that need to be taken care of. One of the most vital ones among those is the accumulation or purchase of moving boxes. What makes this task even more complex and tiresome is buying moving or shipping boxes exactly according to the need, no more, no less. Getting an accurate estimate of the number of boxes required for the shifting and moving is necessary as purchasing less can lead to shortage, and over-purchasing can lead to wastage of boxes.

Both these situations can lead to inconvenience and create a packaging emergency for you. So, you must have the right estimate about the shipping boxes that would be sufficient to accommodate the belongings of an average person or family.

Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed everything worth knowing about moving boxes while sharing a detailed estimate of the number of boxes that you would require while packing and moving from one place to another. Going through this comprehensive guide will make the move more comfortable and hassle-free for you.

So, let us get started with knowing what exactly moving boxes are.

What are Moving Boxes?

Moving boxes are storage boxes, especially meant for packing and moving stuff from one place to another. These boxes are carefully designed to keep the items safe and secure during the entire shipping process. Additionally, moving boxes are the ultimate requirement for homeowners and commercial packers and movers to ensure a convenient and pleasant shipping experience.

Benefits of Using Moving Boxes

There are various benefits of using high-quality moving boxes for shifting your stuff from one place to another with optimum protection and comfort. Some of the most prominent benefits of using moving boxes are:

  • It helps you keep your belongings organized and manageable while moving.
  • It offers durability and sustainability to your shipping trousseau during the move and safeguards your belongings from damaging agents and circumstances.
  • It helps you create uniformity and makes it easy to store and stack your items for secure shipping.
  • Moving boxes make the entire moving procedure affordable and cost-efficient while saving you from unexpected losses and damages that might emerge due to the breakage of fragile and expensive items.
  • Ultimately, moving boxes make it easy for you to transport your belongings safely without losing, misplacing, or damaging them during the move.

Types of Moving Boxes

There are various varieties and kinds of shipping boxes that you can get from a reliable seller. All these boxes are meant to store different kinds of products. Some of the most prominent types of moving boxes are:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • Plastic boxes
  • Paperboard organizers, etc.

The Number of Boxes an Average Person Would Need To Move

Now, let us discuss the number of boxes an average person would require to store and move their belongings during shifting or any other circumstances.

  • 5 Small Boxes— You would need around five small boxes to store small items like stationary, kitchen accessories, keys, glasses, accessories, and other handy stuff that are more likely to be lost or overlooked due to their small sizes. You can increase or decrease the number of boxes according to your requirements.
  • 15 Medium Boxes—Medium boxes are the most versatile, accommodating, and easy-to-carry size option when it comes to moving boxes. They come in handy for storing all the stuff you can find all around the house except the big ones that can not be fitted into these boxes, from books to table tops, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and planters. Everything of mediocre size can be easily stored in medium-sized moving boxes.
  • Around 10 Large Boxes—Large boxes are specifically required for storing large items like electronics, quilts, cushions and comforters, bedding, large toys, and other large stuff that easily catches your attention while passing through a room or hallway. Moreover, you can also use the large boxes to store the small or medium ones together in one place.
  • 5 Extra Large Boxes—Extra large boxes are necessary for storing heavy electronics (fridges, air conditioners, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) and other such items. They can be bought according to your specific requirements.

Apart from these boxes, it would also be convenient for you to stock up on other packing materials like cardboard rolls and bubble cushioning wraps to cover items that are elliptical or irregular in shape and can not be fitted into any of these boxes.


This blog will help you become well-equipped with the knowledge and information to accurately judge your moving box requirements. You can make the correct estimate to meet your packing requirements and avoid any last-minute shortages, wastage, or emergencies. Choosing the right boxes will make your moving experience even more convenient and easy-going.

However, there is another factor you need to consider to make your shipping experience smoother and better. Make sure to buy your moving boxes from a dependable seller that deals in high-quality moving boxes as well as other packing materials. Relying on a trustworthy seller of moving boxes and packaging supplies will offer you high-quality material that will ensure the optimum safety and storage of your belongings during rigorous shipping and rough handling.

So, wait no more and stack up various sizes and varieties of moving boxes according to your requirements for well-planned packing, moving, and transportation. Having the right number of boxes will also make the unpacking experience fun, relaxing, predictable, and uncomplicated.

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