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Find Out How Does ChatGPT Affect SEO?

You know that while you are reading this, your competitors are optimizing their SEO with ChatGPT!




You know that while you are reading this, your competitors are optimizing their SEO with ChatGPT! What do we mean by that? What’s ChatGPT? Well, ChatGPT is one of the fastest-growing apps utilized by businesses around the world today. It can save you time, and money — and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when you are searching for things. It’s smart and human-like. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out how does ChatGPT affect SEO?

Everything You Need To Know About ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot, and it launched in 2022 to widespread acclaim. It’s a natural language chatbot, founded in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s super clever and can shape a conversation towards a particular style, length and language. How does it work? So, essentially you tap a headphones icon to speak on the go. You ask and you will find. You can ask ChatGPT anything really, from how to tie a knot to what the latest trend in handbags is. The app is free and comes courtesy of OpenAI. It’s there for you daily to have intelligent, human-like conversations to solve problems and complete everyday tasks. It’s also quite useful in the world of SEO. Let’s dig deeper.

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Is ChatGPT Affecting Search Engines Now?

So, how does chatGPT affect SEO? In the digital realm, we all thought ChatGPT would impact search engines profoundly. But that hasn’t really happened yet. And why not? Well, first of all, ChatGPT was trained with 2021 data — that can restrain its impact definitely, compared to something like Google, which is updated constantly. While people might find ChatGPT convenient and ask it questions like ‘find a coffee near me’, it just doesn’t have the foundation of one citation or reference. The major search engines deliver much more credible, timely results. So, what are the positives of ChatGPT?

  • It saves you time. ChatGPT sifts through mounds of info and delivers you a result in record time.
  • In a way, ChatGPT offers a type of human connection. It answers you in a conversational, human-like tone. So that is definitely one advantage over straightforward search engine results.
  • It’s useful when you need hands-free results fast, 
  • At work, you can use ChatGPT for simple SEO tasks such as keyword research and brainstorming for headlines. 

The Bottom Line

Despite its clarity and conversational tone, ChatGPT will have a hard time overtaking traditional search engine queries. It has a long way to go! While ChatGPT has its place, it’s unlikely to disrupt SEO significantly shortly. We like to know what you think about it!

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