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Drones Show Celebrates The 150th Kentucky Derby Anniversary




You feel the Kentucky Derby coming where there are events like the Thunder Over Louisville that celebrate tradition, the importance of the Kentucky Derby itself, and show how popular this event actually is.

As you probably already know, this year’s Kentucky Derby is the 150th anniversary of the event. It is quite a big milestone, right? And organizers at Churchill Downs have said plenty of times that this year’s race is going to be something special.

It seems like all the dots are connected for the Kentucky Derby, and with renovations finished in time, we can all start preparing for this spectacular event. Everything about the Kentucky Derby race is spectacular and even though the race itself lasts for around 2 minutes, the celebrations for the Derby start weeks before the race and end weeks after the race.

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Most people don’t know that the official kick-off of Derby season starts with a bang! Yes, we are referring to Thunder Over Louisville. This event is also wrapped in tradition and history that the community holds tight to their hearts.

In today’s article, we will explain in more detail what is the Thunder Over Louisville event, and its significance to the Kentucky Derby.

What Is the Thunder Over Louisville Event

Well, let me tell you right from the start, this event has grown in popularity over the years, and it has become the region’s largest national event. One of the reasons why this event is so popular is because of the air show that is truly spectacular! It definitely ranks in the top five air shows in the nation, which is why it catches the attention of many.

This event takes place in April, a few weeks before the Kentucky Derby, and multiple times the event happened on “Earth Day”. This is the day when we are all encouraged to showcase our sustainable efforts, and the Thunder Over Louisville must do the same.

However, since we are talking about an air show full of drones and fireworks, doesn’t this mean that it goes against all sustainable practices, especially for Earth Day? After all, there aren’t eco-friendly fireworks, right?

Fireworks have toxic chemical compounds that pollute the air, and they also scare birds and wildlife, as well as pets. Therefore, they are not the most eco-friendly way of celebrating a big event.

Fortunately, thanks to technology we can move to eco-friendlier practices for air shows. We now have drones! And drones can make stunning shows, especially if you use a bunch of them.

The Thunder Over Louisville 2024

This year the Thunder Over Louisville event happened on April 20th, and apart from having a big fireworks show, they also included more than 300 drones.

Yes, it was something spectacular!

These drones have LED lights that can change color, and all of the 300 drones’ sync to each other creating unique forms in the sky. On this year’s show, we’ve seen the drones create an eagle, a car, and of course a man riding a horse.

This is not the first time that we’ve seen a drone show at this scale, but it is the first time for Louisville. The best thing is that you can all see the forms that the drones create from miles away.

How Was the Drone Show Organized

After looking at the pictures of the drone show, you’d start to wonder what it takes to organize an event of this scale. The amount of work, preparation, and technology required to deploy 300 drones where things can go horribly wrong.

The truth is, despite most people thinking that this was a huge operation, the drone show at Louisville was operated by one pilot and a small team who set up, broke down, and made sure everything went to plan. Matt Quinn, who was the man responsible for the drone show said that the entire show is run only by five people.

Fortunately, technology allows us to create shows like these where more than 300 drones sync together and without too much of a human input create incredible things. All drones are equipped with advanced GPS technology which makes sure that the drones don’t run on one another and they create incredible forms that are pre-defined on a computer.

Final Words

This year’s Thunder Over Louisville event started with a bang! It showed a new way of celebrating the start of the Kentucky Derby Festival, in an eco-friendlier manner. 

So, this year’s official Triple Crown season started on a high note. This means that we can all expect a lot from the race itself and the entire Kentucky Derby Carnival. One thing is for sure if you are a horse racing fan, this year is special.

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