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DIY Pest Control vs. Professional Pest Control: Which is Right for You



When facing a possible or definite pest problem at your residential or business space in Sharjah, you’ve got one question to mull over: DIY pest control vs. professional pest control? DIY methods may be the first instinct. The best pest control Sharjah service can eliminate your pest issue with surefire success, but it is something you pay for and wait for. In a matter such as this, it’s important to weigh each option. You’ll want to make a choice with the most benefits—and a positive impact on your time, money, and effort down the line.

So, let’s discuss!

DIY Pest Control vs. Professional Pest Control: Does DIY Stand A Chance?

DIY pest control can seem like the easier option, given that you spend less on buying just the product and not the service. If you’re extremely squeamish regarding pests, killing them as soon as possible without waiting for pest control will seem ideal. However, efficiency is the only practical benefit of DIY pest control, as it can become a pricier option in the long run. Here’s why.

Not all qualify for DIYs

First, you may be able to take care of ants and roaches, even rodents, with some DIY techniques. However, certain pests are not easy-going when it comes to catching—or even spotting. If you see any signs of these (such as bites in case of bed bugs, or yellowish powder around wooden furniture left by termites), leave the treatment to the experts!

Pest left behind

Then there is the problem of applying insufficient pest products. Your DIY guide may tell you where to apply pesticides. However, few clarify exactly how to apply these to eliminate an entire colony. Therefore, what DIY pest control does is kill a few while merely disturbing the majority remaining. These pests, very much alive, move to different locations—like another room or a safer spot in the same room. 

Treatment-resistance pests

There’s another issue when a good part of pests remain alive after a DIY treatment. Since they bear the effect on whichever product you use, the upcoming generation of pests will be somewhat more resilient (i.e. mutations). The next time you see these pests and apply the same products, they may not work. Or you may have to apply an exorbitant amount of product to eliminate the pests. The key to a successful pest treatment is to get them on the first try and get them ALL.

When considering DIY pest control methods, make sure you’re familiar with the possible drawbacks. When debating DIY vs. professional pest control, choosing the latter means you avoid many downsides of DIY pest control.

DIY Pest Control Vs. Professional Pest Control: Considering Pro Services

Professional pest control companies have a team of experts with certifications to perform inspection and treatment, and employ preventative measures. If you are assessing the benefits of an expert service against DIY pest treatment, here’s a brief look into these. 

Technicians with experience

Above all, professional pest control means you’re leaving your pest problem in the hands of seasoned pest technicians. When choosing a company that is licensed and pest control Sharjah municipality approved, you get the expertise of professionals who have been through various pest infestations, with successful results.

Tried-and-tested techniques

Pest control experts go past surface-level inspections and control methods, and get to the root cause of your pest troubles. From possible entryways to the sub-species they’re dealing with, pest technicians take into account each and every factor before deploying an effective pest control process. Their techniques are unique to the pest infestation at hand. As a result, there are zero pests left—with minimal chances of a re-infestation any time soon. 

Follow-up and extensive measures

For pest infestations that have been ignored for a long and are now well spread out, you can expect follow-up appointments. Additionally, professional pest services are thorough; you may even be asked to vacate the premises for a day or two. This is common for a fumigation or any other expansive treatment, such as in the case of termites.

Any drawbacks of professional pest services?

When you compare professional pest control vs DIY, the main drawback of expert pest control services is the pricing. It is more than what you spend getting an off-the-shelf pest product yourself. 

However, pest infestations are no small matter, especially when you’re dealing with termites, bedbugs, or a possible rodent colony. Returning to a property left vacant for long? The pest problem may be well beyond your imagination and a couple of bottles of pesticide sprays. 

In order to preserve your peace of mind—and the possibility of a larger expense down the line handling a pest problem that did not disappear thanks to a DIY treatment—spend a little extra on hiring a professional pest company.

Bottom Line: DIY vs. Professional Pest Control

So, which pest control method is ideal for you? While DIY options seem cost-effective, you may find convenience when you go for professional pest control services. Professional treatments show a higher success rate in eradicating pest infestations and you can rest easy knowing that your pest troubles are in capable hands!

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