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Can You Snort Kratom? 



Drugs are consumed in various ways such as smoking, snorting, swallowing, etc. The term snorting also known as nasal insufflation used for inhaling a drug through the nose.  People usually use this method to take medicine that comes in powdered or crystallised form. They can easily crush it and inhale the powder. Do you know kratom can also be taken via snorting?

With the advent of various modern techniques, medications are taken in different forms to enhance their efficiency. There was a time when people were only aware of oral consumption. But today we know other ways and kratom is no longer away.

However, many kratom consumers are sceptical about whether they should opt snorting method. They may have listened to various myths associated with snorting. Some of them may be true but we need to dig into the facts associated with such consumption. This guide will serve the same purpose. If you are also one of those who will try this method later or sooner, keep reading.

Understanding Various Kratom Consumption Methods

Who is not aware of the Krarom, a herb nation in South Asia? From the time it was valued medicinally, people have used various methods to consume it. It may involve,

  1. Smoking kratom:

Many people kratom powder with tobacco powder and roll it in the cigarette roll. This way they smoke it to get the desired effect.

  1. Oral Consumption:

People swallow kratom in different ways. The intent is to make it’s delicious as much as they can while not compromising the efficiency. You can consume it orally in the following convenient ways,

Kratom Tea:

Making kratom tea is a timeless tradition that grants the valuable benefits of kratom in a cup of tea. Consumers simply put the desired dose in boiling water and make this uplifting tea to enjoy with peers.

Kratom With Yoghurt:

If you want to have a creamy and flavoured experience with kratom, this method is meant for you. Combine bedrock botanicals kratom powder with yoghurt and add your favourite treat that can make it sweeter.

Furthermore, there are many other known methods for oral consumption which is not the topic of discussion for today. Let’s know the insides of ‘Kratom snorting’.

  1. Kratom Snorting:

Snorting kratom involves inhaling kratom directly in your nostrils. Some people use small straws or rolled paper to inhale this fine powder. However, some consumers may also dissolve it in water and inhale this liquid with straw.

Is It Safer To Snort Kratom?

Considering the various shreds of evidence available, kratom snorting is not considered safe. It is true that you can sniff it. However, something that can be done is not necessary to be safer to use this way.

Effects Of Snorting Kratom

If you attempt to sort kratom nasally, it can lead to serious health issues. The active alkaloids that are present in kratom may damage the delicate tissues of the nasal passage. Furthermore, the nasal mucus is not able to absorb the kratom fully which can affect the efficiency of this botanical. Some of the short-term effects of snorting kratom that you may face at the time of its intake. It may involve,

  • Nasal blockage
  • Throat irritation
  • Nose irritation
  • Nose bleeding
  • Trouble in breathing

However, there are long-term effects associated with it. It may involve,

  • Respiratory infection
  • Cloting in lungs
  • Effect on the nasal cavity
  • Damage to mucus membrane
  • Nadal inflammation

Why Do People Prefer Snorting Kratom?

Although this method can be extremely harmful, many people prefer this method for multiple reasons.

  • Snorting kratom may cause rapid action as compared to oral consumption.
  • It offers a more potent effect as compared to other methods of consumption.
  • It overcomes the legality issue. People normalize or even sometimes glamorize such consumption.
  • It is a convenient method of consumption. You dont need any additional material such as vape etc with which you can sniff it. Simply put it into rolled paper and inhale.

How Does Snorting Kratom Offer Rapid Action?

It is a common practice that when you take any medicine orally, it enters your gut, remains in the intestine and stomach and later enters the bloodstream. However, for snorting you are directly putting it into your bloodstream. The delay that you had to face for the metabolism of this drug and then get absorbed is skipped. Generally speaking, in oral consumption there may be a 10-to 15-minute delay.

Why Snorting Kratom Is Dangerous?

Snorting kratom is a bad idea. This herb contains active ingredients such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and cellulose that are not easily absorbed by the nasal mucus. Such ingredients need to enter the digestive tract, get metabolized by the enzymes and then be absorbed into the bloodstream. In the case of nasal intake, it may get stuffed in the lungs to cause severe damage.

Smoking Vs Snorting Kratom

Both are considered uncommon methods of consumption. It is because there is a high temperature involved in combustion that can degrade the essential ingredient of this herb. However, there are some prominent differences between both methods of consumption.

  • If you smoke kratom, the ingredients are absorbed through your lungs. However, in snorting, it comes in contact with the mucus membrane of your nasal passage.
  • The effect of snorting may be slower than smoking.
  • Both methods offer weaker effects as compared to oral consumption.
  • Smoking kratom can cause respiratory infection while snorting can trouble your nasal passage.

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Wrapping Up 

Looking at the modern hype of consumers to take advantage of various kratom consumption methods, snorting is one of them. You may have seen people glamorize its use by sniffing the herb and advertising it on their social media accounts. Just because it is praised this way and considered a modern consumption way, does not mean it is safer.

If you want to avail the desired effect of the herb and do not intend to damage your health, the snorting option is not for you. To address the various health concerns associated with this method, the above guide is enough.

Even if you believe that this method offers you a quicker effect, the later harms can seriously restrict you to the bed. You may suffer from various respiratory or nasal harms. That is why it is recommended to opt the safer options such as oral consumption.

All in all, it will not offer you harmful consequences. Stay safer and opt for the safety option. Furthermore, asking your healthcare advisor can be helpful. Considering your body’s metabolism they can suggest you the best option. In the end, it’s your health that needs to remain healthy and intact after the use of any medication.

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