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Top 6 Benefits of Choosing QDegrees’ Mystery Shopping Services

Use QDegrees mystery shopping services to gain insights into your business through their in-house mystery shoppers.



Mystery Shopping Services

As the business world is becoming increasingly competitive, standing at the top needs you to offer the best. However, in the current scenario, offering the best quality product or service is not enough. You also need to Ace the customers’ experiences.

You may say that you keep an eye on it through various metrics, but the reality can still differ. So, for a clear picture that speaks  100% truth about your customer experience management, you should choose mystery shopping.

Let’s look at what it is, where to get it done, and what it’s needed.

It is a service where trained mystery shoppers shop at the business’ online and offline stores and assess other services like customer service to know the business’s customer experience. A popular name for providing Mystery Shopping Services is QDegrees.

This is an Indian customer experience management company that offers mystery servicesalong with other products and services that help boost customer experience.

But to stick with their secret shopping, it’s one of the best services available for your business. With features like a digital platform for audit lifecycle, quick evaluation of touch points, and comprehensive and clear reports, they have excelled in the customer experience management industry.

Why Is Mystery Shopping a Need for Your Organization?

It plays a crucial role in evaluating and improving customer service standards within an organization. It helps you simulate real customer interactions with the help of mystery shoppers.

Hence, you can identify areas for improvement in your operations, and even the offered product or services. Moreover, the report after the mystery audit also talks about individual touchpoints. So, it allows you to fix your operations individually, such as through a sales channel or support channel.

Six Benefits of Choosing QDegrees’ Mystery Shopping Program

1.  All India Network of Mystery Shoppers

India is vast, and you can be anywhere or everywhere in the country. That’s why QDegrees’ mystery services are not limited to a few pin codes in India. They cater to businesses all over India, thanks to their huge network of mystery shoppers. So, no matter what location you are based in or how many locations you are in, their services are always here for you. Even the fast-food giant Domino’s has been a client of their services, which clearly shows how big the network of their secret shoppers is as Domino’s is present in almost every corner of India.

Let’s also talk about the cherry on top: secret shopping is also available in the local languages. Yes, you can hire local language-speaking experts to make your audit even more successful.

2. Diverse Modes of Secret Shopping

With QDegrees, you get not one but multiple modes of the services. They provide four different types of mystery shopping services to cater to the different needs of different businesses. Here are the four types of secret shopping they offer:

●     In-person

In this service, the shoppers go to businesses’ offline stores to shop as regular customers. They look at important factors for a business’ offline store, such as outlet design, accessibility, staff behavior, stock availability, and many more.

●     Telephonic

Here, the mystery shoppers call the business’ customer executive or representative to assess details about any topic, such as an issue or general question. The staff’s behavioral consistency and revert time are noticed along with other factors.

●     Online

Best for eCommerce businesses, it assesses the online shopping experience, including website performance, ease of use, etc. The outcome of this service is mostly potential space for improvements to make the experience better.

●     Hybrid

It requires the mystery shopper to follow a complete customer journey. Hence, it includes all the touchpoints that a customer may experience and provides insights about the experiences at these touchpoints.

3. Tailor-made Mystery Programs

One size never fits all, at least not perfectly. But why compromise when you can access custom mystery shopping programs tailored only for you? As you are unique, your needs for services are unique too. At QDegrees, you can get customized these programs with vast inclusion options.

4. Customer Journey Benchmarking

With QDegrees, you can go beyond just analyzing your customer touchpoints. With their holistic approach, you can evaluate the customer journey, benchmark it for improvements, and find opportunities to improve.

5. Clear, Concise, and Actionable insights

To be able to take action, the report that you receive after the audit should be comprehensive. However, being comprehensive doesn’t mean that the report includes jargon. It is best when the report can easily be understood and includes actionable insights. Moreover, the insights should be concise without room for error or probability.

6. Competitive Rates and Cost Transparency

The best part about QDegrees is their competitive pricing. Due to this, you get the best mystery shopping services at a rate that is lower than those who mark themselves as a market leader. No matter what size you are, our pricing is affordable to all. Moreover, the price structure is transparent, allowing the service taker to see the price breakdown. It also lets you ensure that no hidden or extra charges are being asked.

Wrap Up

To sum up, QDegrees- A CXM Company specializes in mystery shopping for any business scale. They help businesses enhance their customer experiences and better thrive in this customer-centric business world. With customized programs, detailed insights, and a wide-reaching network, they give companies an edge in the market. By teaming up with them, you can maximize your customer service efforts, paving the way for lasting growth and loyal customers.

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