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A Guide to Know In-Depth About the SSO Login





Many businesses switch to the cloud in the digital era for various reasons. This creates a huge expectation among customers that they can obtain seamless access from anywhere and anytime to multiple applications. Similarly, many large companies have countless touch points under different labels, which puts more strain on the company’s IT departments to handle everything effectively and safely. 

When looking for the best solution, companies develop the SSO login. SSO (Single sign-on) is a popular authentication feature in modern web applications. It allows the flexibility of logging in once and seamlessly accessing several resources. This means users can no longer use separate usernames and passwords to access every application. It removes all the trouble of accessing the specific application and dramatically saves time and effort.

How does SSO work?

SSO is a user authentication method that allows users to log in to several applications using a single set of credentials. It eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple login IDs. Once users log in to the system, they can obtain access to all authorized resources without the requirement for additional authentication. Below is a quick explanation of how SSO works!

  • The User initiates the login 
  • Authentication request
  • User authentication
  • Token exchange
  • Access grant to use SSO system
  • Enjoy seamless access

Benefits of SSO that every company should know

Single sign-on maximizes employee productivity by minimizing the time spent signing on and dealing with passwords. With a single password, users can access all of their apps and skip the extra time they spend logging in. SSO solutions often provide the space for users to access all their apps. 

A common myth about SSO solutions is that they compromise security. This idea is created because people fear losing the master password, which would easily expose all the related accounts. In reality, SSO maintains good practices and reduces the number of password-related hacks. It means users can remember and use a single password for all their applications without worrying about security risks.

SSO solutions offer an extra layer of security by combining SSO with MFA (Multi-factor authentication). MFA needs the users to provide two or more evidence to prove their identity at the time of sign-on. It can be a one-time password or a regular password. Another great security feature utilized in the platform is RBA (Risk-based authentication), which detects strange behaviours like unauthorized user access.

Security professionals often insist on unique passwords for each application to prevent cybercrime. It indicates that the average User should remember several passwords for office and personal use. It, unfortunately, leads to password fatigue that hurts your company’s reputation. It also gives a hard time for customers and increases the likelihood of leaving the site or app. 

Enhanced user experience is another valuable benefit of SSO id. When repeated logins are no longer needed, customers can enjoy the modern and great digital experience. The advantages for companies include higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty. This single platform prevents shadow IT and gives a reliable place to engage with. 

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