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7 Must-Have Half Sleeved Men’s Kurta for a Casual Wardrobe



Kurtas are very much in fashion these days and every woman should have a good collection of casual kurtas in her wardrobe. Men’s half-sleeve kurtas are ideal for different casual events, giving the best of both worlds, the ethnicity of the traditional look and the comfort of the modern man. Below are seven classic half sleeved men’s kurta essentials that every man should include in his casual wardrobe.

Classic Cotton Kurta

Every casual wardrobe must have one basic but elegant cotton kurta. Being lightweight and very comfortable a half sleeved Kurta made of cotton is perfect to beat the summer heat. That is why the design is simple, it can be combined with jeans, chinos or more traditional pajamas. When choosing the color, it is better to choose white, beige, or light blue to create timeless interiors.

Printed Casual Kurta

For the stylish, the fashionable, the flamboyant, a printed casual kurta is something you should not do without. It comes in numerous prints like floral prints, geometrical prints, and ethnic prints among others, thus making the outfit more personalized and colorful. For a printed mens kurta half sleeves, one should team it up with a solid colored trousers or pants to avoid over powering the final attire.

Linen Kurta

Linen kurtas are another good piece to have in casual dressing, especially when the weather is warm. The fabric is light and airy, yet provides maximum comfort, while not compromising the formal look of the garments. A half sleeved linen kurta in pastel colours like mint green, light pink or sky blue can provide a refreshing look to your personality.

Pathani Style Kurta

An ethnic wear inspired by the Pathani suit, a Pathani style kurta with half sleeves looks manly and powerful. Featuring a unique collar and button placket, this causal wear kurta is ideal for casual occasions or a day wear. You can wear it with jeans or chinos and finish it off with loafers or sandals for a smart yet relaxed look.

Denim Kurta

If one wants to go with the traditional yet modern look, the best clothing piece to opt for is the denim kurta. Wear it with jeans or trousers for that rough and tough look or team it up with chinos for a functional smart casual look. A half sleeved denim kurta makes it possible for one to wear it with denim jeans, giving it a double denim look; it can also be worn over contrasting trousers.

Embroidered Kurta

Embroidered kurta looks best when blended into the casual wear as it will make your dressing style a little more classy and formal. Although stylish and perfect for wearing in the daytime, the stitching details enhance the design, which makes the heels suitable to wear during casual occasions that are slightly formal. For the best of the best, go for the embroidered designs on the collar, cuffs, or hem, but they should be simple.

Short Kurta

A kurta ending at about the mid-thigh level can be worn as casual wear and is quite fashionable. This, men’s half sleeved casual kurta, is more on the casual and contemporary side and can be best worn for outings or during the weekend. To give it a more modern spin, wear it with skinny jeans or loungewear pants and sneakers since it offers a nice balance of old school and new school style.


If you are looking to up your style quotient in casual wear, then integrating a number of half sleeved men’s kurtas can be highly beneficial. Starting from traditional kurtas made from pure cotton to stylish jeans, each type of wear has its own benefits which are appealing to individuals of varying profile and occasions. In our view, kurtas are the perfect choice for incorporating ethnic style with today’s trend for casual dressing in stylish and comfortable clothing. Whether you are a fan of plain kurtas or fancy printed ones, these seven exquisite kurtas will keep you perfectly attired all day.

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