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What are the best offbeat things to be done in the city of Hyderabad?

The city of Hyderabad certainly will be coming to the top of the list whenever anybody talks about




The city of Hyderabad certainly will be coming to the top of the list whenever anybody talks about the old cities that are gracing the nation of India. Hyderabad city is very welcome with an optimum combination of rich culture which dates back to the Nizami time period and the place is also full of wonders for travellers and locals alike. This particular city is very famous by the name city of pearls and is also very well successful in providing people with wonderful experiences. So, if you are the one who is interested in having the box experience in Hyderabad then definitely booking your room in the hostels in Hyderabad is a great idea so that you can easily explore every nook and corner of the city without need out. Following are some of the offbeat things to be done in the city:

  1. Enjoying the tea, samosa, and the art at Lamakaan: This is one of the best possible things to be done in the city of Hyderabad and eventually when you combine the best possible element of samosa with tea then you will be able to enjoy the best possible benefits of cultural spaces in the Banjara Hills. This is one of the best offbeat places to be visited in Hyderabad and will be providing people with Orissa-style tea with delicious Samosa so that everybody can enjoy the beautiful work of art. In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy the play and other acts of theatre so that everybody can have the best possible true sense of the culture of Hyderabad without any problem.
  2. Going for the movie on the IMAX screen: Whenever it comes to the world of big screens, IMAX is one of the best possible options that you can count on in the city of Hyderabad. Heading to this particular place in Hyderabad is a great idea so that you can enjoy the movies like never before and eventually this is the largest theatre in the entire nation which nobody should plan to miss.
  3. Planning the heritage walk: Whenever individuals are interested in taking a break from navigating the urban traffic in the city then the Heritage Walk is the perfect solution in this case. Proceeding with the heritage work of the famous Heritage sites in Hyderabad is a great idea and you should focus on booking your tickets with the agencies or the Telangana tourism department so that you can have the best possible experience of your lifetime without any problem. Heritage walks route will be including the best possible places of Chowmahalla Palace, old Haveli, State Central Library to the City College, and the Badshahi Ashurkhana. So, planning a visit to this place is definitely worth it and you can enjoy a lot on the Famous Heritage Walk.
  4. Planning to sip on chai at the Prince Hotel: Another very interesting activity you can carry out in the city of Hyderabad is to plan a visit to the Prince Hotel to have a cup of delicious Elachi Vali Chai and have the best and unique experience of your life. In a world where pubs and clubs are consistently dominating the nightlife, this place still remains crowded with people especially late at night. There are many people who prefer to visit this place for the delicious and refreshing chai so that they can feel better without any extraordinary efforts.
  5. Enjoying the late-night shawarma rolls: Another very important activity that you can carry out in the middle of the night in the city of Hyderabad is to enjoy the Shawarma late at night which will be helpful in filling your entire hunger pangs. This place is definitely cost-efficient and will be providing you with the best possible fulfilling meals without any doubt that is extremely perfect for late-night snacks. 
  6. Planning a Visit to the Deer Park: Another very underrated and incredible activity that you can carry out in the city of Hyderabad is to plan a visit to the Deer Park. This place is basically a delight for the people and everybody will be highly successful in learning more and more about the animals. This place has a lot of greenery and eventually, everybody who is interested in spending refreshing time can easily plan a visit to this place. Among all of the animals, you can easily enjoy the witnessing cheetah and black buck in this case so that everyone will be able to enjoy a lot.
  7. Exploring the KBR Park: KBR National Park is basically a great place for a morning walk or just simply having a relaxation-related outing. This is the only thing which makes the entire area very much famous and everyone will be definitely attracted to this place because of the natural beauty. The possibility of running into their favorite stars from Tollywood is another very important reason why people prefer to visit this place early in the morning. 
  8. Enjoying the Midnight Dosa: Another very important activity that you can easily carry out in the city of Hyderabad is to enjoy the midnight Dosa because the city of Hyderabad is basically a hub of South Indian cuisine lovers. There are a good number of places that will provide you with amazing Dosas at night and further, you can easily enjoy all of them for breakfast as well. 
  9. Enjoying the best possible evening at Numaish: This is one of the best possible largest industrial exhibitions and if you are planning a visit to the city of Hyderabad, definitely enquiring about and visiting this place is definitely a good approach. People can easily walk over 2500 stalls displaying a significant number of consumer products like dry fruits and this happens only for two or three months in a year which is the main reason that enquiring about it is definitely important for people.

Hence, planning a visit to the city of Hyderabad for the above-mentioned offbeat experiences is definitely a good idea. Moreover staying at night in the hostels in Hyderabad is advisable so that everyone will be able to enjoy a trip full of adventure.  

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