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Premium Waterproofing Membrane Sheet Supplier



Premium Waterproofing Membrane Sheet Supplier

Did you know water damage costs the construction industry billions each year? It’s crucial to protect your building from water damage. This ensures its safety and long life. That’s where Roof Power Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited comes in. They are a top supplier of waterproofing membrane sheets in Pakistan.

Roof Power Enterprises makes top-notch waterproofing membranes named Crown Seal APP. These membranes guard against water damage and are used in many building areas. These areas include roofs, terrace slabs, basements, bathrooms, water tanks, swimming pools, bridges, and tunnels.

Crown Seal membranes shine because they resist heat, UV rays, and water exceptionally well. They’re made from a high-quality mix of bitumen and APP compound, with polyester reinforcement. This mix gives the membranes great water and vapor pressure resistance. It also means they can resist tearing, stand up to stresses, repel roots, and have strong UV protection.

Choosing Roof Power Enterprises means you select top-quality, thoroughly tested products. Protect your building from water damage by using their waterproofing solutions. Say no to water damage and ensure your building’s safety with Roof Power Enterprises.

Get in touch with Roof Power Enterprises at 0300-1210012 or 0311-1122127 to buy excellent waterproofing membrane sheets in Pakistan. You can also visit their Lahore office at Office No.1 Millat Tractor Cooperative Housing Society. Discover the ease of using superior waterproofing solutions for your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roof Power Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited is a leader in the Pakistan waterproofing membrane sheet market.
  • Crown Seal APP membranes provide high-level protection against water damage for different parts of buildings.
  • These membranes excel in heat resistance, UV protection, and waterproofing capabilities.
  • Roof Power Enterprises offers reliable, high-quality waterproofing solutions.
  • Call them at 0300-1210012 or 0311-1122127 to order the best waterproofing membrane sheets.

Types of Waterproofing Membrane Sheets

There are many waterproofing membrane sheets to pick from for different projects. One top pick is the Roof Power Enterprises Pvt. Ltd line of torch-applied bitumen membranes. These sheets are flexible, made with modified elastomer or elastomer bitumen, and have a strong intertwined polyester or glass-fiber mesh.

Roof Power Enterprises Pvt. Ltd membranes are great for stopping leaks and keeping water out. They stretch a lot because of their special formula that fights against aging. These membranes resist high temperatures too, meaning they work well in all kinds of weather.

The Roof Power Enterprises Pvt. Ltd range comes in various thicknesses and sizes to fit your project perfectly. They have PE film on their bottom layer and can be sand, aluminum foil, or mineral granules coated on top. This makes them tougher against the outside world, ensuring they last a long time.

Torch-Applied Bitumen Membranes: Key Features

  • Tight joint and leakage-free application
  • High elasticity for enhanced durability
  • Anti-aging formula for longer service life
  • Excellent heat resistance

The ROOF POWER ENTERPRISES PVT. LTD line provides a bunch of choices for waterproofing projects. With finishes like PE film, sand, aluminum foil, and mineral granules, they meet many needs with reliability.

Applications and Storage of Waterproofing Membrane Sheets

Waterproofing membrane sheets are used in many projects to keep buildings dry. They are great for roofs and underground places. These sheets protect homes, stores, and factories from water damage.

Applications of Waterproofing Membrane Sheets

Flat and sloped roofs can both be covered by these sheets. They stop water from getting in and causing leaks. Because the sheets can bend, they fit on any shaped roof well.

Places like basements and tunnels need this kind of protection too. The sheets keep out water and moisture. This helps the underground parts of buildings last longer.

Bathrooms, pools, and bridges are also safer with these sheets. They stop water from going through, making these places stronger and less likely to get worn out.

Proper Surface Preparation and Application

Before you put the sheets down, make sure the area is clean. Get rid of rough spots, dust, and anything in the way. A smooth start makes the sheets stick better and work the way they should.

The right way to put the sheets on matters a lot. Use the correct materials and apply them in the best weather. This means using the adhesives, primers, and sealants the maker of the sheets suggests. Doing it right means the waterproofing will last and work well.

Storage and Protection

Store the sheets upright to keep their shape. They should be in a clean, dry spot away from dirt and moisture. This helps them stay good for longer.

Keep the sheets covered to protect them from weather and sunlight. Staying away from heat, cold, and UV rays keeps the sheets in top condition. Always cover them with something if they’re not in use.

Roofing ProjectsStore in a covered area, protected from sun exposure.
Underground ProjectsStore in a clean, dry location, shielded from moisture and other environmental factors.
Other Wet AreasCover the rolls as necessary to ensure protection from the elements.

LDPE Waterproofing Membrane Sheets

LDPE waterproofing membrane sheets are common in Pakistan’s building projects. They are loved for keeping water out and being hard to mess with. This means they guard against water problems for a long time.

These LDPE sheets come in different widths, from 4 to 8 mm. This makes them great for fitting the exact needs of each project. So, they offer top-notch water protection for various uses.

What makes LDPE sheets stand out is how long they last. They are good for up to a year. During this time, they keep working well, even against tough weather. So, they’re a reliable answer for keeping things dry.

Builders use these sheets a lot, from roof installations to basement works. Thanks to their ability to resist water and stay hard to damage, they’re perfect for stopping leaks and water issues.

It’s smart to buy LDPE sheets from a trusted seller like Roof Power Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited. They know their stuff, selling LDPE sheets that are top in quality and durable.

Key Features of LDPE Waterproofing Membrane Sheets:
Water resistanceTamper-proof
4-8 mm thicknessShelf life of 12 months


Looking for a trusted waterproofing membrane sheet supplier in Pakistan? Roof Power Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited is your answer. They focus on delivering waterproofing solutions that give top-notch protection against water harm, across many uses. 

Roof Power Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited is a leading producer of high-end Crown Seal APP membranes. These are made with the best materials and methods, ensuring they resist heat, UV, and water exceptionally well. They suit needs for waterproofing roofs, terraces, basements, and more. 

For info on their waterproofing membrane sheets and to safeguard your building for the long run, give Roof Power Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited a shout. You can reach them at 0300-1210012 or 0311-1122127. Or, pop by their Lahore office. 

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