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Vitamin C Serum – Benefits, Tips & Usage

Vitamin C Serum Stress and tension is something that every individual goes through.



Vitamin C Serum

Stress and tension is something that every individual goes through. At that time taking care of yourself is really important. Apart from eating healthy and examining your mental health, taking care of the skin is also important. Skin health comes with doing the right skincare. Skincare makes your skin glowing and that gives the confidence that every individual deserves. In all the list of ingredients there for skincare, vitamin C serum comes in the top. Vitamin C serum solely has the power to heal your skin. It provides your skin with all the healthy nutrients your skin deserves. In this blog, we will read about how Vitamin C Serum benefits your skin and the usage and tips on how to use it for your skin.

How Your Skin Benefits by Using Vitamin C Serum:

Antioxidant :

Vitamin C has antioxidants that heals the skin from inside and makes it even from the outside of the skin. If your skin is damaged a lot from pollution and other reasons like premature ageing then consistently using it will solve this issue.

Skin Brightening:

Whether it comes to health care or skin care, vitamin C is beneficial in both the terms. In the same way vitamin C serum reduces the hyperpigmentation of the skin  and even out the skin. This serum also brightens the skin by reducing dark spots present in the skin.

Increase Collagen:

Increased collagen results in healthy skin. Collagens reduces the fine lines of the skin and also reduces wrinkles. One can get by eating some of the specific things but not everyone can do that, there vitamin C serum comes. Using vitamin C serum will automatically improve the overall skin texture as high levels of collagen are present in it. It not only makes your skin look much younger but also maintains the elasticity. 


We all need an ingredient for our skin that not only makes it look better but also heals the previous damage. Well vitamin C serum does it all one needs to do is to apply it regularly. Vitamin C serum has healed many skin regardless of how much damaged the skin is or how much environmental damage the skin faces.

Reduce Acne- If you are someone with a lot of acne. Then instead of trying diys and making it worse. Using Vitamin C serum can help you. The best advantage of vitamin C serum has that it works well for both the sensitive skin as well as for the oily skin.

Tips and Usage of Vitamin C Serum:

Trust the Right Brand:

When looking for a vitamin C serum, check about the brand. Check if it’s dermatologically tested or not. Also read the reviews in the site and outside the site as well. Like blogs or youtube videos.

Product Details :

Check the product details and the amount of ingredients present in it. As in the serum the concentration of vitamin C is said to be between 10 to 20 % but no more than that.

Store Properly:

Mostly it’s mentioned in the pack on how to store it. But still Vitamin C serums should not be kept in direct sunlight so store in a cool, dark place.

Way to Apply:

Apply a few drops of vitamin C serum on a washed face. And then massage until it’s absorbed in the skin.


Although vitamin C serum is proved to be welcomed by every skin type. But it’s always good to do the patch if you have really sensitive skin.


Vitamin C serum is good for every skin type but it takes time to show its effect. So when using it, it’s important to be patient and consistent.  If you’re confused on what brand to use then go for Sadhev. They are trustable and have good customer reviews.

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