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The Best Free AI Filter to Turn Photos into Art – insMind




AI filter is becoming a hit on the internet today. This trip of filters can be regarded as an instance of AI that is capable of turning the usual photos into artwork; AI anime filter lets you add some cartoonish appeal to your selfies or, at least, turn you into an anime character. The most common use of AI filters is to choose the type of manga/anime for the picture.

The AI recognizes the face and sizes and then turns the image into an Anime or Japanese comic strip style. This adds a personal fun touch to the photos as well as translating well to social media platforms. The good news is, that there are incredible free AI filters freely available on the web to paint your photos in comic style, and it is really easy to find anime/manga filters.

Introducing The Best AI Filter Tool – insMind

insMind offers the most powerful and user-friendly AI manga filter tool on the market today. With just a few clicks, anyone can transform their photos into stunning works of art thanks to insMind’s innovative artificial intelligence capabilities.

At the core of insMind is an advanced deep-learning algorithm that analyzes photographic images and intelligently applies a wide range of artistic filters and effects. From converting photos into illustrations or anime art to adding a watercolor or sketch filter, the possibilities are endless with insMind’s versatile AI filters.

One of the standout features is the CG filter, which takes ordinary photos and enhances them with a computer graphics style for a modern, stylized appearance. It’s the perfect way to give images a sleek, futuristic look. For those who want a more hand-drawn aesthetic, the sketch and watercolor filters use AI to replicate the fluid, artistic style of real watercolor or pencil sketches.

Beyond basic filters, insMind offers more advanced AI capabilities like automatically generating anime-style portraits from your selfies. The AI transforms facial features into a Japanese manga or anime look in just seconds. For social media users, vloggers, or anyone looking for eye-catching graphics, this filter is a must-try.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, flexible sharing options, and completely free access, insMind removes all barriers to exploring AI-powered photo editing. Unlock your creativity and join millions of others using insMind to turn photos into artworks worthy of hanging on any wall.

How to Transform Photo to Art with Filter Step-by-Step

Transforming your photos into captivating artworks is easy with insMind’s intuitive character AI filter tool. Here is a step-by-step guide to using this powerful editor:

Open insMind


Go to and click on the ‘AI Filter’ tab to access the filter tool. This is where you can upload images and apply filters. The clean, modern interface makes it simple to navigate and use the editor.

Upload Photo

Click the upload button and select the photo you want to transform from your computer. Supported file types include JPG, PNG, and GIF. You can also paste an image URL to upload photos directly from the web.

Select a Filter


Once your photo is uploaded, you will see a diverse range of filter options along the bottom of the editor. Browse through these AI filters which include watercolor, sketches, illustrations, anime, cartoon, and more. Click on a filter to preview how it will transform your image. Select the one you like best.

Adjust Filter Settings

Some filters like the watercolor and sketch options have adjustable settings to control the art style. You can tweak these sliders to achieve your desired effect. For example, make your watercolor filter more or less vibrant.

Apply Filter

When you find the perfect filter and settings, click the apply button. insMind’s AI will rapidly process your photo to apply the filter and art style effects.

Download Image

Finally, click the download button to save your new AI generated image. It’s that easy to turn photos into stunning artworks with insMind! Experiment with the powerful filters to find your favorite looks.

What Else insMind AI Filter Do?

While insMind has gained immense popularity for its versatile AI filters that turn photos into stunning artworks, this free online editor offers much more. Here are some of the other powerful features available:

  • Background Remover – insMind uses advanced deep learning to automatically remove photo backgrounds with just one click. This tool isolates foreground subjects for easy editing.
  • Magic Eraser – Easily delete unwanted objects or people from images using the Magic Eraser. This tool intelligently fills the erased area with textures and colors that blend naturally.
  • AI Image Replacer – Replace backgrounds, insert new objects, or modify details by specifying your edits. insMind’s AI will generate realistic replacements.
  • Photo Enhancer – Improve image quality with automatic adjustments like sharpening, noise reduction, and contrast optimization with the Photo Enhancer.
  • Expand Image – Enlarge images while preserving details and resolution using AI. Create banner ads, social posts, and more.
  • Photo Restorer – Repair and restore old, damaged photos with insMind’s AI-powered restoration abilities.

With this full suite of editing features, insMind provides all the tools needed for easy, automated photo editing and design. The powerful AI delivers stunning results in seconds, even for beginners. Unlock your creativity with insMind!


insMind offers the best AI filter tool available today for transforming photos into captivating works of art. With its advanced deep learning algorithms, insMind makes it simple for anyone to turn ordinary images into stunning masterpieces with just a few clicks.

The wide range of artistic filters provides endless options for unleashing your creativity. Make photos look like watercolor paintings, pencil sketches, anime art, and much more.

If you’re ready to turn your photos into frame-worthy art, unlock your inner creativity, and explore the possibilities of AI photo editing, head to and try it for yourself. The platform is completely free and easy to use even for beginners. Give your photos an artful makeover today!

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