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MonkeyBit Releases First CG Animated Promo Video: Building the Next Web3 Social Amusement Ecosystem





MonkeyBit is dedicated to creating an innovative platform for a new blockchain-based social amusement ecosystem, offering GameFi players a novel interactive experience through decentralized social mini-games. Players will enjoy unparalleled security, fairness, and the excitement of real-time, cross-border competition. Today, MonkeyBit has released its first CG animated promo video, showcasing game scenes, characters, and some gameplay footage.

MonkeyBit Background Story

On a distant simian planet deep in the universe, a group of highly evolved monkeys engages in fierce battles for scarce resources. They are divided into different factions, each representing distinct cultures or career paths. Wars have spread across the planet’s beautiful yet dangerous islands, making each island a site of intense conflict. The “Evil Ape” reigns over this jungle, ruthlessly crushing the losing factions, threatening the survival of the entire tribe. The monkeys understand that only by defeating their rivals can they escape the Evil Ape’s menace and ensure their survival. The ultimate goal of this war is not just to gain control over the islands but to fulfill each faction’s ideals and beliefs.

MonkeyBit Platform Ecosystem

MonkeyBit will soon launch on Polygon and later this year on the TON ecosystem. Simultaneously, MonkeyBit has announced a strategic partnership with AlienX. In the future, MonkeyBit will continue expanding its ecosystem partnerships, integrating more top-tier ecosystems and mainstream public chains to offer a more diverse and enriched blockchain social entertainment experience.


Why Choose Social Games?

MonkeyBit chose to release social mini-games in its initial phase because social games enhance player interaction and foster a sense of community. Players can not only meet new friends within the games but also build stronger connections through cooperation and competition. The types of games in the beta version launching in July include:

  • Strategy Games:

In strategy games, players must use their wit and tactics to defeat opponents. For example, in our “Double Faction Battle” game, UP vs. DOWN, players compete by predicting Bitcoin’s price movements for the next minute. This game tests both players’ judgment and decision-making skills

  • Survival Battle Games:

Monkey Arena is a survival battle game. Players choose a grid to evade the pursuit of the “Evil Ape.” When the game starts, the Evil Ape will randomly select a grid and eliminate all players within it. Surviving players will split the bets of the eliminated players. Players can strategically choose different grids, experiencing a tense and exciting battle process. The entire game process is automatically executed through smart contracts, ensuring fairness and security.

MonkeyBit Platform Campaign

MonkeyBit is currently running a series campaign on Galxe: MonkeyBit Odyssey, continuing until the beta version launched! Participate in Phase2: Road To Simian Planet to earn the OAT and gain additional benefits in the future. Embark on an interstellar journey with MonkeyBit! 

Event Link:

partnership galxe

About MonkeyBit

MonkeyBit remains committed to delivering secure and fair gaming experiences through blockchain technology. We will continuously introduce new games, expand support for more mainstream public chains, and enrich players’ choices, ensuring that every GameFi player finds enjoyment and rewards in the world of MonkeyBit. Join us to explore more exciting adventures!


For more information, please visit MonkeyBit’s official links:




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