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Embassy Springs Review

I was looking for a home in the city of technology. I wanted a place that had a beautiful environment Embassy.




I was looking for a home in the city of technology. I wanted a place that had a beautiful environment and a convenient space so I could live peacefully. Using the right sources, I started looking for properties in Bangalore, Devanahalli, because that was the place where I wanted a new home. After searching for weeks, I came across an elegant property in Devanahalli Embassy Springs. Embassy Springs is an opulent space based in Devanahalli, Bangalore, with a beautiful environment around. The place had its own beauty.

When I first saw the layout, I was pretty convinced that this spot would be perfect for my stay. As the place isn’t done yet, there are multiple advantages of me getting a home here firstly the proximity to my office and beautiful places around.

When I looked at the layout and amenities available here I was pretty surprised by its price because getting a beautiful property with modern amenities at such a reliable price was pretty surprising. The embassy spring project has just begun and being the initial person to invest in this place I’ll be able to suggest my needs and requirements to get a personalized touch for my place. The place has it all first the proximity to my office second the view and the third the beautiful places around.

Having good places around is a very important element for me as I love to travel and explore new places. Being in Bangalore I’ve been to different places and it was my time to settle down with my new home. I look at this place as my prior investment for me and my partner. I wanted to have a place for a very long period of time and this right here is the right fit for my new home.

Why I Invested in Embassy Springs?

One of the many reasons for investing in this place has to be the serene atmosphere around. Embassy Springs offers you a world where family bonds are nurtured and dreams flourish. The place has lush greenery around which signifies a calm nature around and limitless adventure for me.

There are 32 community parks and link parks. And Embassy Springs is a paradise of greenery where I can indulge in endless outdoor adventures. For the relaxation and recreation of your thoughts and life the embassy springs surrounding features a mesmerizing 55-acre man-made lake offering a serene backdrop for fun.

The place is an ultimate retreat where we get effortless connectivity and the transportation options are pretty convenient. Ensuring smooth travel the place is not just a home but a hub for easy connections. With cycling tracks Embassy Springs promotes active living, offering a healthier and vibrant lifestyle.

The place is located Near MS Engineering college in Devanahalli, Bangalore spread across 2.88 acres. The space will have total 77 units all 1BHK for a decent price of

₹5.15 Crores to ₹9.11 Crores. The price point is reliable for the amenities they’re offering at the place.

Amenities At Embassy Springs

Starting off we have a Children’s play area at this place where kids can play and have all the fun. I personally love playing basketball and to my surprise this place has a Basketball court where I can call my friends and play basketball with them. The best part about the place is it’s alignment with vastu shastra as the place is

Vastu compliant.

I love to go on a run in the morning and for that we have a decent Jogging track at the place. The property also features an amphitheater where we can attend or arrange big events of the society. The place has good security and a huge

Club house where people can play multiple indoor games and have fun. The place also features a Skating rink where we can go for a good skating time.

One of the special features of the place is its surroundings. The place has the best atmosphere and there are multiple places I can explore from this place. This place caught my attention after I took a look at Nobroker’s verified property listings and if you’re looking for some properties like these checkout

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