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Andrey Monosov: How to Build a Successful IT Business From Scratch



Andrey Monosov

The web is filled with life stories of businessmen who rank at the top of the Forbes list. But there is much less content about entrepreneurs who created their own businesses from scratch and achieved success only through personal growth and hard work. One of these people is Andrey Monosov, founder and CEO of IA Tech. The businessman managed to build a successful company without investors, loans, and big start-up capital.

Early Years

The entrepreneur was born on October 22, 1988 in Moscow. His parents knew nothing about business; the head of the family, Leonid Monosov, first worked as a teacher, but during the perestroika period, he swapped a classroom for a truck cab. Cargo transportation brought in better money, which he needed to provide for his young son. The mother of the future IT businessman worked as a doctor in an ordinary free clinic.

In the early years of his biography, Andrey Monosov did not particularly stand out from his peers. He went to a regular high school with no advanced academic options for the students. Andrey was good at the exact sciences and later on, as a teenager, he got into computer science. Moscow schools at the time were just beginning to teach this subject not only in theory, but using personal computers as well.

Seeing Andrey’s sincere interest in programming, his father bought him his own PC. A complete set of computer equipment in the late 1990s cost around $1,000, and not every family could afford to make such a gift to a child. Leonid was sure that his son would go into the IT industry after school, but Andrey chose finance, which back then seemed to have better potential as a career option.

Yesterday’s high-schooler proved that he was capable of making his own decisions by applying to a university without informing his parents. He successfully passed the exams and was enrolled in the first year. Andrey explained to his family that he wanted to have a career in business, but without learning about finance, it would be much harder to succeed. Over time, it became clear that he made the right decision; however, it took him a while to get there and build his own business.

First Career Steps

Andrey Monosov

Andrey Monosov’s first entrepreneurial experience goes back to his high school years. His personal computer helped him quickly learn to work with popular programs and assemble and disassemble a computer case to a point where he could do it with his eyes closed. This was how the high-schooler started to make some money by installing software and fixing hardware issues for other people. His father earned good money and provided well for the family, so the young programmer did this out of interest — not out of necessity.

“What I liked most about making money this way was the process itself. I had a good understanding of software and technology, so word got around and that was how my clients found me. While kids my age were looking for part-time jobs during the holidays, I worked for myself and it was fun to do,” Andrey Monosov recalls.

However, despite his desire for independence, Andrey achieved his first career success as someone else’s employee. In 2009, after completing his degree, the young graduate got a banking job in Moscow; however he only stayed there for six months, as his relationship with the management did not work out. Then the young specialist found another job in a consulting firm, and his career finally took off. In just six years, he worked his way up from a junior position to becoming the head of the company’s finance department.

Andrey Monosov saw brilliant prospects ahead of him, but in 2015, he made a difficult decision to resign from his managerial position. “I decided that I was ready to do my own thing. But even so, to this day, I have only warm memories of my old job. I am grateful to the company for giving me my first management experience and the opportunity to build my start-up capital,” the entrepreneur says.

Growing a Business

Andrey Monosov registered his IA Tech company in 2017. Apart from the owner himself, the company had only five employees, who developed B2B software products. The scale of activity at the start was quite modest, but the company quickly gained momentum. The entrepreneur managed to build a strong team of experienced professionals in IA Tech; the clients were always satisfied with the company’s services and recommended it to their partners.

Andrey Monosov personally handled financial and strategic planning issues. But he had no interest in retraining as a developer himself. The businessman always believed that this job required a certain mindset and complete work immersion, which was not on the list of his priorities.

“At the beginning, knowing the basics of programming helped me a lot. I knew the ropes of coding and even made a C++ game back in high school. However, developing programs as a hobby and performing specific tasks are too different things. I did not want to turn what I loved into a daily routine, so I gave up the idea of ​​becoming a programmer myself,” the businessman explains.

The company went through some rough patches at the beginning of its journey. By 2019, IA Tech employed 15 people, but the number of projects was growing faster than the staff. Andrey Monosov managed to sign several large contracts, but his employees could no longer handle the workload. A small company back then could not compete for workers with large businesses, so hiring skilled specialists was not an easy task. In 2019, the entrepreneur decided to outsource some of the projects.

“At the time, it seemed like the right decision. I worked for many years in consulting, where they practiced this approach a lot. But in the end, one of the contractors let us down by missing the deadline, and we almost lost a very important client. I never made such a mistake again,” Andrey Monosov shares his experience.

The businessman decided not to search for new employees on his own anymore and entrusted this task to a large recruiting firm. The new partner did an excellent job and found two dozen talented developers for the young company within a year. True enthusiasts of their trade, capable of solving highly challenging tasks, joined the company.

Today, IA Tech employees say that their company appeals to them with:

  1. Interesting projects.
  2. Creative atmosphere.
  3. Opportunity to take initiative.
  4. Professional growth prospects.

Developers also say that their high salaries and corporate benefits are only of secondary importance to them compared to the opportunity to unleash their potential that the company gives them. Andrey notes that it was then that the backbone of the present-day team was formed. Many of those who joined the team in 2019-2020 still work for the company.

Progress and Achievements

In 2024, Andrey Monosov continues to run his company. IA Tech partners with several big clients and develops business process automation products, adapting the software to solve specific problems. According to the entrepreneur, the company firmly occupies its niche and does not intend to pursue versatility.

“We have been working with our clients for many years and are quite satisfied with the way things are going. The company is well known in the professional community, and we grow our business with client referrals. I consider this a great achievement,” says Andrey Monosov.

After just seven years in the market, the company made great progress and:

  • built a team of more than 100 employees;
  • completed over 50 projects;
  • managed to sign long-term contracts with three dozen big clients;
  • demonstrated annual revenue growth.

Andrey Monosov attributes much of his success to selecting the right human resource policies. He emphasizes that the company’s main asset is its team and puts a lot of effort into retaining his employees. IA Tech managed to create a unique corporate style; there is no formalism here, the company encourages proactive behavior and gives all employees equal opportunities to reach their full potential.

The second important factor, according to the entrepreneur, is building strong business relationships with partners. The company always fulfills its obligations and has earned a reputation as a reliable partner capable of solving even the most difficult tasks.

Family and Hobbies

Andrey Monosov is married and, together with his wife, is raising three children. His youngest daughter Veronica was born in 2023. Despite his busy schedule, the entrepreneur always finds time to spend with his family and makes sure to stay fit. In his free time, he participates in bicycle races, swims, and goes hiking; he enjoys rock music and even plays the guitar himself.

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