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Advantages of Delayed Frozen Embryo Transfer




A delayed Frozen Embryo Transfer which is also abbreviated as FET, could be beneficial in so many ways. Let’s delve into its pros in the backdrop of fertility treatments mostly opted for. But before that, you need to make some significant considerations such as choosing the best IVF centre in Delhi, consulting determined specialists and deciding on which method of fertility treatment you are willing enough to opt for. Well, let’s explore an array of reasons as to, why will you choose FET.

  • Improved Uterine Environment: Let the Uterine lining recover so that it becomes more receptive to implantation stimulus. Try to consult the best IVF centre in Delhi to be guided by experienced reproductive endocrinologists, gynaecologists and Andrologists. Delaying the frozen embryo transfer helps the uterine lining get back to its original shape – size – form and composition.
  • Reduced Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS): Let the ovary come back to some normalcy during fertility treatments or natural conception. Waiting for a little bit could reduce the risk of developing this condition right after a fresh embryo transfer. Consult a reputed IVF centre in Delhi to discuss the timeline in detail according to your medical history and convenience.
  • Better Synchronization: Let the Uterine lining and embryo maturing phase get into sync between themselves. This would enhance your chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Hormonal Balance: Once you get done with a session of ovarian stimulation, your body needs some time to strike a balance with the fluctuating levels of hormones. This strategic delay helps your reproductive system to stabilise hormonal levels for a more conductive state of mind and body leading to implantation and successful conception.
  • Enhanced success rate across pregnancy cases: If we make an analytical comparison between fresh embryo transfer and frozen embryo transfer, chances are, we get to see a higher success rate among the latter. This possibly can be an outcome of a healed uterine lining and nourished uterine condition after a strategic gap.
  • Flexibility in scheduling sessions: Most IVF centres in Delhi would allow patients to schedule their fertility treatment sessions according to their personal and professional calendars. Having no immediate pressure of post-retrieval timing helps you conceive successfully.
  • Reduced Stress levels: Take some time between your egg retrieval session and your embryo transfer procedure. This helps you ease out the physical, mental and emotional burnout since any fertility treatment could be a little overwhelming. You can get dedicated counselling from your chosen IVF centre for non-judgemental psychological support.
  • Enhanced Embryo Selection: If you want more comprehensive genetic testing and accurate genetic screening, take some more time and delay the embryo transfer by freezing it and scheduling it later. This delay allows you to select the healthiest embryos and make an informed decision for your future.
  • Multiple Transfer Attempts: Repeated stimulation across the Ovary could be harmful in the long run. Delaying the embryo transfer and freezing them to be used later has been benevolent in multiplying the number of attempts by reducing the impact of each transfer. The Centre for IVF you choose must have a panel of doctors to discuss the impact of each Ovarian stimulation so that you can determine the delay and frequency of the fertility treatment procedures in line.

Conclusion :

Not only is this delay in frozen embryo transfer cost-effective but it also aids in healing the reproductive system for a smoother and safe conception in future. Do compare and analyse IVF Cost in Delhi for efficient budget allocation. But remember, determining the optimal approach will always be based on individual patient history and their health conditions. Let your dream of seeing a ‘mini version of you’ materialise with Babyjoy IVF clinic.

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