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5 Ideas to Introduce Your Little Kids With Community Helpers

Little Kids Grown ups know the responsibility of community helpers and the important role they play in our daily life.



Little Kids

Grown ups know the responsibility of community helpers and the important role they play in our daily life. Teaching the same thing to kids can be proven to be beneficial. Making kids learn these things at an early age will not only make them mature but they will also respect the community helpers. In future, they can get inspired to choose one of these roles. Wrong education or not making the kids learn about the importance of community helpers often results in kids wrong behaviour towards them. So learning is always necessary and it’s better to make it fun for them. So they can enjoy learning it. In this blog we’ll read about the ideas of how you can make community helpers familiar with your little kids.

Role-play –

The kids love playing games with different roles. If you are a preschool teacher then introduce this game to your class or simply introduce this game in a kids get together. Assign each one of them there roles like doctors, engineers, sweepers, nurse, plumbers, firefighters, postman and other different roles. You can also bring costumes for them to try to have a more engaging play. Give them a brief of each community helpers job. This will help them understand the roles and let them have fun in imaginary stories.


There are many different themed flashcards one of them is the community helper flashcard. Let them pick any community helpers flash cards and ask that is already question given in the game such as How do this community helper help us? What do they wear? Do they work indoors or outdoors? You can see how much of them they can answer and you even can give them more information about them. Check their progress and see how much they learn and enjoy it.

Bedtime Stories-

Children loves listening to stories at night. So why not use it for learning while they will enjoy it too. Tell them stories of community helpers you will easily find on the internet and make them know the important role these helpers play in every ones life. If your children love reading pictorial stories then make it interactive by buying a book that is colourful so that they don’t get bored with it. Ask what they thought after knowing about it. Ask them their favourite community helper work and why they liked it.

Make It Interactive – 

Kids in their learning stage have a curious they want answer of each and every question and wants to explore everything thing. Take them with when going to post office, hospitals, police stations and farming places. First let them guess the profeesion and then give them a detailed information of their work. Letting them see these helpers in real life will let them have a knowledge of their roles and will also make them learn a lot of things.

Crafts and Activities –

Advice their teachers in the school to let children have a ffun activities related to the community helpers. Allow them to be creative and lets see how amazingly they get the best of it. They can draw pictures of their favourite community helpers or even do paper cutting and make things like badge, nurse hat, farmers sickle and many more. Let their mind delve in the pool ot creativity. These activities will include everyone in the class contributing to team work and then their learning.


Introducing little kids to community helpers can be a fun and a engagingv experience for them. You can use all of them to make it interactive. Well including all them can be tough but using flashcards is the best way to upgrade their knowledge. Check Skillmatics page for creactive flashcards

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